THE TRUTH ABOUT LEPERS MWAHAHAHA! It's a better story than it sounds. Lepers are secretly dragons that aren't capable of keeping total human form - they are extremely succeptable to disease - thus the leper-ness.

There is a small mountain, and next to it, a village, located right next to a wonderful lake. Across the lake, the ground suddenly shoots up to create a tall mountain with a winding path leading to a giant cave that leads deep into the mountain. This is where the Draki live. People who do not know what the Draki are call them Lepers, though that is not what they are. These people are Dragons, but they hold human form to avoid being Hunted. Unfortunately, they cannot hold their human form very well, and therefore, are very succeptable to disease. Thus, the Leprosy.

There are three rings of Draki. The Primary ring, the Secondary ring, and the Royal ring. The Primary ring is also known as the Natural ring.

The Natural/Primary ring consists of "Commoners". Dragon species that are common. There are four elements/species in the Natural ring. Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. You understand why they're commoners. They are Hunted for their colorful hides.

 In the Secondary ring, there are the more elusive of their kind. Lava, Ice, Sand, and Storm. There aren't many in the Secondary ring, as they are hunted for the healing abilities of their blood.

And then there is the Royal ring. There are only two left in this ring: the King, and the Queen. Life and Death. No one sees them, for they are the only Life Draki and Death Draki left on earth.

Now, you may be wondering who I am, and how I know so much about a species kept secret from humans. I am a Draki, but I am Outcast. I live on a mountain on the opposite side of the village. This mountain is not as tall as the other, for it has only to house me. I am Damra Tsuchi, outcast daughter of the King of Death and the Queen of Life, and this is my story.

The End

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