To the Northern Meadow

It took less than 10 minutes to reach the meadow, it was unmissable. The area was flooded with body. So much so, I had no place to land. Me and Cruzure agreed that we would watch from the sky.

Go a bit lower Cruzure. I want to see who's fighting. I asked him. He did so. I saw a Arron, a 15 year old boy who, as I hear, is an amazing rider. He was tall and slim. He had blonde hair and his skin was very pale. The other boy I knew better. I was Kane, my best friend!! He was smaller then Arron and his dragon was weaker.

You have to be kidding me!!! I whispered to Cruzure, who was rather surprised himself.

Kane had never been knownto get into fights. Niether was Pugore, his dragon. They were both gentle and quiete. Something must have happend.

In true rider spirit, they both sat on their dragons, prepared to fight.

The End

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