The book was about a princess who ran away to become a cook in another country and not far into it I was hungry.

I put the book down, stretched, and padded out of the library towards the kitchen. It was only as I reached the hallway that I heard the whispers. They were soft and fluid as if speaking in hisses. If not for the rise and fall of emotion I would not have thought them human. I crept down the corridor, glad for the deep carpet that cushioned my footfalls.

A peek into a doorway revealed the source of the voices. Three small people, small in every way, were searching all the nooks and crannies for something.

Should I say something? Or should I take off, go find help?

Before I can decide, the choice is taken from me. One of the little people turned and saw me. They exclaimed loudly and from the pitch I determined it must be a woman.  Her companions looked to see what had made her speak so loudly.

The little people were no taller than a seven year old and had limbs longer than the normal human. They were swathed in a silvery silk-like fabric and all of their skin that could be seen was that around their abnormally large eyes and at the tips of their fingers, the nails of which were blue.

I made the quick decision to run but before I could turn one of them grabbed me. They were strong for all they were no bigger than a child.

"Go nowhere! Go nowhere!"

They pulled me back into the room and shut the door.

"Sit! Sit!"

I sat.

"You her?"

"Her? Who's her?"

"Your father. Your father hunting dragons?"

Uh oh. That couldn't be a good sign. Were they dragon rights activists or something? Were they going to kidnap me?

It turns out I was right about the kidnapping.

One of the little people pulled out a small drawing.

"Is her! Is her!"

They threw a silken bag over my head and I started to feel dizzy. Before I could work out what was happening, I passed out.

The End

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