Dragon 's bloodMature

I didn’t want to open my eyes, I just wanted to stay in my
warm, safe bed and pretend that it wasn’t real.

But it was. Today was March 8th.

My whole world collapsed 8 years ago today.

The anniversary was always hard. Dad would be drunk all day
and I would spend the day trying desperately not to break down, and pretending
like everything was ok. God, I hated pretending. I felt so fake. But I couldn’t
tell the truth.

I considered taking the day off school, but decided against
it, I did that a couple of years ago and it had just made everything worse; I
needed to get away and get my mind off it.

I got ready slowly, I had already overslept and only had 10
minutes before the start of school, but I didn’t care. I crept down the stairs,
and sure enough, there was Dad. Passed out on the sofa surrounded by assorted
bottled of alcohol. Drowning his sorrows, just like every year. I heaved a sigh
and pulled the front door open.

Time to face the world.

The End

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