Weylan slipped the shirt on tenderly and made his way to the large stone walled house that looked more like a miniature castle complete with bulwark and towers than a manorhouse.
He made his way through the gate and up steps to one was the many multi-storied buildings that lined the yard around the manorhouse.

The clinic was the only building, aside from the manor itself, that sat directly against the tall cliff wall that backed Rydanstead and its surrounding farmlands. The three story building was well equipped with a room for seeing patients on one floor and a few different sick rooms on the second for keeping those with different illnesses separated.
Mrs. Peswich wasn't a doctor but she knew more about medicines and herbs than any city doctor that had come in, and lord Rydan trusted her above all of educated arrogance in any case.
Without a word she opened the door to the treatment room and gestured him through. The bed was already laid out with fresh dressings and ointment ready to be applied. Weylan removed the shirt and took his customary place face down on the table, gripping the corners.
“He doesn't do you any favors that one.” Mrs Peswich dabbed gently with the disinfectant.
“I suppose not ma'am” It was the most he could say in agreement, glad that he was able to translate the sting of the ointment to the table.
“The bruises from last week barely healed and already giving you new ones. Should be him getting the switch for some of the stunts he pulls, showing up in lady Silae's apartments uninvited and unwelcome just cuz he's found her anklet and wants to return it to her all personal like. T'aint right for any man to be in a ladies quarters like that.”
“No ma'am.” he added as she paused to start applying the smelly combination of herbs and leaves that would speed his healing and minimize the pain. Weylan wasn't much for gossip but he enjoyed listening to Mrs. Peswich over the years, the woman had her ear to every wall in the stead and an opinion on everything that went on. He had learned quite a bit over the years and sometimes enough to get himself out of the way of trouble before it came looking for him.
[Not sure the point of this scene, so far to give Weylan a way to know about information that he wouldnt otherwise have access to and to show that there are very good people in the stead that truly care for him despite his position. May remove it, or add him receiving a piece of data that will be critical later, right now we just know that Gervais likes Silae and I still need to complete this section. I like seeing the human side of Weylan here]

* * *

It had been a long week of lying in bed and Talis was far beyond impatient with his own weakness. But the few occations he had tried to push himself into sitting or standing it had proven too much for him and he had immediately collapsed. He was no longer tired, his mind raced with the need for activity, but his body refused to cooperate. There had been progress, but only being able to stay sitting after a week was indefinably frustrating.
The only bright point to his week was when Weylan had been tasked with bringing him his daily lessons. Somehow listening to Weylan read the lesson became far more engaging than listening to master loquerin drone on about his experiences. Weylan had a way of reading the passage and then breaking it down into concepts that Talis could more easily understand. Plus knowing that helping him with his lessons would get his friend out of mucking stalls for a few hours made Talis feel like he was helping him somehow.
Today’s lesson was Draconic Anatomy, a subject which Talis loathed with a passion but at least with Talis reading it he could make jokes about it which would have Lady Preevis making him doing hours of punishment.
He was slightly annoyed that Weylan always managed to make it more understandable with the way he described each concept in a way that talis would understand. Though how he described the way the growth of dragon scales related to Grubbunnies mating habits, had him in stiches.

The End

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