"Eat your food." I told my daughter, who was refusing to eat.
"But daddy, i'm not hungry." she retorted.
I simply crossed my arms and said nothing. Apparently it works, for she began to eat.
Being a single parent wasn't easy, ever since my wife died, I took on a vow to take care of my daughter Celia. She meant everything to me. I had promised my wife I would take care of Celia, and be there for her always.
Just then I heard a knock on the door.
"Keep eating." I instructed Celia and went to open the door. It was the middle of the night, who would be knocking at this time? I wondered.
I looked through the windows first to see a hooded man standing outside. He knocked again. "Who are you?" I asked him.
It was difficult for me to see his face because of the darkness. But those eyes....I felt like I've seen them before, I just couldn't put my mind on it.
"What do you want?" I asked again.
The stranger said nothing, only drew a dagger, from his robes.
I wasn't fast enough to react, and I felt the dagger sink deep through my ribs and into my stomach. Out of reflexes I pushed the stranger out and closed shut the door.
I removed the dagger from my ribs, and tried closing the wound with my shirt.
"What just happened?" I murmured to myself. Who was this man, why did he do this?
I lied there bleeding to death, not even able to think straight because of the randomness of this situation.
"Celia!" I managed a scream.
A few minutes later, my daughter came from the kitchen only to see me lying on the floor bleeding.
"Daddy!!" she cried, tears running down her cheeks. She was only 5 years of age, she shouldn't be seeing this. Dammit all to hell, why me, why this? I dont want to leave Celia alone.
"Listen to me," I whispered to her, coughing blood as i spoke.
"Please don't die, daddy please." she cried.
"Just listen, go to Ray, he can take care of...." I tried to finish but the blood was making it hard for me to talk. My vision was getting blurry as i felt the live leave me. I didn't have much time.
"Daddy!!" Celia cried again, screaming for help. But at this time no one will hear. Whoever this stranger was, he choose the perfect time to kill me.
i could no longer move from lack of blood. I cursed myself for being weak.
The last thing i saw before closing my eyes was my daughter crying, my only thought was her well-being, I hope Ray will take good care of her. Then it all went black.

The End

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