Rose stared at Dark, hatred filling her. This celestrian was so unholy...

Rose grabbed Darks hand. "Your Dark. A Celestrian from the observertary. Apus Major ocaisionly mentions you...Tell me, did you fall?" She asked.

Aaron blinked slowly. "Celestrian?" He asked blankly. Rose grunted. "Tell me Dark!"

Dark brought out her Auora Blade, slashing Rose's shoulder slightly. She stared down in cold hatred. "How do you remember?" She muttered. Rose was too busy screaming agony to answer. Aaron grabbed his copper sword, painfully slashing Darks hand.

Dark cursed and slashed Aarons own hand. Aaron cringed and fell next to Rose. "Leave me!" Dark called. Rose got up, painfully, and grabbed Dark again. "I-i was... i was Aquilia's student...the carridge came...we all fell..." She puffed. Aaron stood up aswell. "What the hell are you all on about?" He spat.

Rose focused her brown eyes on Darks red ones. "I said....did you fall?"

Aaron fell again. I can't take much more...He puffed.

A rustling from the trees made everyone turn. Blake-One of the five heros of the heavens and Aarons farther-burst out of the trees. He was wearing martial artists wear, and had a slumber stick for a weapon.

"Aaron." He muttered. "Come home. We're all worried sick." Aaron turned. "Yes dad." He answered going up to his dad. "Rose. Do you know who i am?" He asked. Dark withdrew her blade. "I'll be going after this conversation.." She muttered. Rose nodded. "Blake Wilkson. The best Martial Artist in the world! You were one of the legendery heros, along with Minnie the mage, Rebbeca the priest and Hermonie the minstrel!" Rose answered. Blake slit his eyes. "Indeed. Rebbeca and Minnie are alive, but i'm unaware of Hermonie...." Blake seemed almost sad. "I want you and Aaron..and her whoever she is, to find Rebbeca and Minnie. Tell them i desire thier help in finding Hermonie. Minnie lives in Stornway and so does Rebbeca." Blake looked at his son, taking him by the shoulders. "Come home, have the platinum sword. Take some armour." He turned to Dark. "That cut will hurt you. My wife can heal it." Finnaly he turned to Rose. "You, are Hermonies daughter. Come and get something i kept..."

The End

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