Dark pulled a face at the prospect of having to stay with Rose and Aaron too much longer. She winced at the pang in her chest and instead went over to a tree and gracefully sat down, her arms drifting down to the ground. Her fingers gently caressed the grass and she breather in deeply, her lips twitched in the beginnings of a smile. Her peace was interrupted as Aaron plonked himself down next to her and started muttering about something or another.

Soon, annoyed with the constant muttering, Dark's eyes snapped open and she turned, round glaring at Aaron. Aaron winced slightly as he looked at Dark's red eyes.

"Just be quiet for a second!" Dark snapped, turning back to enjoy the peace some more, it didn't last. Without warning Dark heard a blade being drawn but blocked it with her own, not opening her eyes Dark said,

"Slow reactions, strength is there..." Dark paused and finally said, "Sloppy!"

She knocked Aaron's blade away and looked at him out of the corner of her eye. His ear's were burning as he glared at Dark.  Dark smiled at the challenge, her eyes bright with anticipation,

"I'd gladly fight you, but not here. Not unless you want to get kicked by Rose again." She teased. Aaron got up fuming, hands clenched into balls,

"Bad temper, second strike." Dark wagged her finger and jumped up with the grace of a cat and set off through the trees, her whip trailing behind.

"I doubt you know the rules of a duel..." She paused but Aaron only grunted, "In a duel the challenged, that being me, decides on the location. Weapons permitted have to be the same for both, so since you only have a sword, I too shall use a sword," Dark removed her whip from around her waist and placed it within her bag. She then removed a small hunting knife strapped to her leg and placed that in her bag too. Dark began to remove her Armour when Aaron squealed in protest, "Oh please, I'm trying to make this fair for you! Removed your shield and Armour and any other weapons."

Aaron quickly stripped of all weapons and amour until he was wearing just his t-shirt and jeans. He averted his eyes from Dark, who was wearing a snug fitting black top and tight fitting trousers.

"Don't be too disappointed when you lose, I mean what skill do you have with the sword?" Aaron stood across from her, and Dark watched with mild amusement as he yelled and ran at her. Hate filling his eyes.

Better hate then friendship. Dark thought bitterly. Blocking his first attack Dark pressed forward with a series of quick counter attacks. Pushing him backwards to the edge of the clearing. Aaron took chance of a deliberate opening and swung his sword wide and hard, aiming for Dark's stomach,

So many openings, he fights with his muscles not his brain. Dark wanted to enjoy this, so allowed Aaron to exchange a few blows before jumping over his crouching form and landing behind him, Aaron surprised her by attempting to knock her feet from under her but she managed to fall into a roll. Coming up she raised her sword and blocked a downward cut that would have split her head in two. They both backed away from each other, circling. Aaron was panting hard while Dark was smiling to herself.

They charged at one another just as Rose burst through the trees, damn that girl,

"Wait!" Rose yelled, "I think I know who she is!" Dark came to a stop, her eyes narrowed at Rose. How could she remember.

Aaron stared at Rose puzzled, "What do you mean?"

Rose looked at Dark, who turned away and slammed her Aurora blade into the tree, she hissed with annoyance and said,

"You don't need to know my name. We're not friends."

"Darn tooting we're not!" Aaron exclaimed, Rose shot him a glare,

"Good!" Dark snapped back.

"Your..." Rose paused, and then said confidently, "Your Dark!" Anger flashed through Dark's eyes causing both Rose and Aaron to flinch slightly.

"I'm leaving." Dark grabbed her blade, pulling it free of the tree, and went over to collect her stuff.

Being a celestrian was way better then this. Again Dark glanced up in the vain hope of seeing some stars but of course it was day time and you couldn't see them. Rose walked up behind her and opened her mouth to say something.

The End

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