Rose watched the girl approach the back door. Aaron was grunting as he picked up the piecies of the shattered vase. Rose sighed. "Please! I just need to know your-" She was interuptted as Aaron let out a curse. "DAMNIT!" He yowled as another vase fell on his head. Rose and the girl both let out a snigger.

"Idiot." Rose jeered. Aaron growled. Rose realised it was her faveoruite vase. Angels had been flying around the rim, and the great yggrisill was bearing fruit. Rose sniffed. She put a hand to her head, the pain was still there. She suddenly realised embarresly her leather dress's back was torn by her neck. She kicked Aaron quite hard in the stomach. "Get out a second!" She spat. The boy cringed before getting up. "Whatever..." He muttered.

Rose realised he was wearing something diffrent. He was wearing a black t-shirt with jeans, and leather boots. He snorted and left, the girl following. Rose opened her wardrobe. She pulled out a White T-shirt and denim skirt. She removed her dress and put them on quickly. She went over to her dressing counter and grabbed her silver bracelets, feather headband and leather shield. She put on her high heels and left the house.

The sunset was breathtaking. She realised-Anoyhingly-both the girl and Aaron were missing. She sighed. So much for finding the way back to the observertry. She'd need Aaron for that. Rose wondered what Stella was up to. Still looking for the Starflight Express?

She waled down into the woods. There was a trail of a whip going for a long while. Rose grunted. That girl was such a show off. She caught a glance of something moving. She darted towards it. She hurtled through a bush and landed in the middle of a fight. Between Aaron and the girl.

"Wait!" Rose called, getting up. "I think i know who she is!"

The End

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