Sunlight streamed through the trees, Dark gazed up at them, a distant look in her eyes. She jolted back to the forest when she heard the sound of clashing blade upon blade. Something sounded like it hit a rock or something and then something else hit the rock too. Dark jumped up and strapped her Aurora Blade to her hip.  She uncurled her Battle whip and smiled as she heard the satisfying snap as she uncurled it. Dark began to weave in between the trees, the whip trailing behind her, her body movements as sleek and agile as a cat hunting a mouse. Red eyes glittering she stopped at the edge of the trees and looked out at the clearing and a house.

First of all she noted the two obvious enemies, Cruelcumbers, they were strong and quite fast but were also quite sore losers. They were jeering, their tongues lolling out as they aimed there spears towards the two people they were attacking. A boy with brown hair and icy blue eyes was trying to struggle up, blood dripped from his head. A girl lay next to him, blonde hair tied back in a pony tail and eyes closed.

Curling her whip, Dark crept forward until she was positioned on a small hill above the two Cruelcumbers. Covering her mouth, Dark whispered, "Crack", the Cruelcumbers jumped back as a small spike of ice appeared in between them and their prey.

Dark took advantage of their confusion and jumped down the little hill and cracked her whip out, aiming to hit both of the Cruelcumbers, but by dumb luck one of them moved to the left and avoided most of the attack, the tip of the whip striking their arm. However the other one was caught, and fell on it's side, unable to move.

The other Cruelcumber ran towards her, planning to spear her straight through. Dark released her Battle whip, and dropped down to one knee, cleanly bringing the Aurora blade out of it's sheath and slashing it upwards. She cut the Cruelcumber straight up through the middle. It began to fade away, like all lower class monsters did.

Now that the immediate danger was out the way, Dark walked over to the two people and tossed a bag of medical herbs.  Looking at the boy she said,

"Fix her up." 

Snapping back round, she walked over to the other, tied up, Cruelcumber. It stared at her, fear in it's eyes but also a hint of bitterness at loosing. Dark stared back at it, her red eye bearing deep into the monsters.

Lifting the blade she plunged it down and waited for the monster to disappear before picking up her whip and tying it round her waist like she always did when she couldn't be bothered to wrap it up. Having done that she knelt down on the grass and wiped her blade across the grass, getting rid of the monster's slime that covered the blade. Getting up she walked over to the boy who was doing a messy job of applying the medical herb.

 As Dark approached, the boy stopped and glanced at her sword, still unsheathed, and reached quickly for the blade that sat in front of him. Dark kicked it out of the way and swiped her sword downward. The boy flinched, but when he realized he wasn't dead opened his eyes and looked down at the medical herb in his hand that was now cut in two.

Dark finally sheathed her sword and knelt down without a word, she snatched the medical herb from the boys hand and rubbed it together in her hands to make a sort of paste. After doing that Dark applied it to the cut on the girl's head and added a bit to her mouth, slightly glad to see the girl chew it. Next, Dark turned to the boy and roughly pulled his head forward, rubbing the other half into a paste as well and applying it to the smaller cut on his head. Holding the rest of the paste out to the boy she ordered,

"Eat." Looking at her warily the boy took the paste and placed it on his tongue. The girl was waking up, so Dark picked her up and carried her, princess style, into the house. Placing her on a chair, she then went out and held out a hand for the boy and lent a shoulder as he, too, hobbled into the house.

Turning to leave, Dark felt a hand touch hers and glanced down at the girl who was now awake and getting to her feet,

"You can't just leave... I mean you helped us. What's your name? I'm Rose." Dark swallowed and replied,

"Hello Rose... It's none of your business what my name is, you don't owe me anything." With that she left the house and stood outside for a moment, trying to decide where to go. Rose ran to the door but stumbled, Dark caught her and said,

"Don't fool yourself, you're no way near ready to chase after someone." Rose stared at her and she stared back. They heard a crash from inside and they both snapped round, hands reaching for their weapons, only to see that the boy, who Dark heard Rose call Aaron, looking between them and a vase that he had knocked over. Dark snorted in mild humor before staring back at the open door, the sun was setting,

"I really should go." Dark murmured more to herself then anyone.

The End

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