Rose turned, the moon was full, and stars covered the sky. She slit her eyes. Where were Aquilia and the others? She heard a rustle in the bushes behind her. She scowled and removed her fan from its holder. She knew she was lithe enough to dodge almost any attack. A boy about a year older than her appeared, a copper sword in hand. His brown hair was soaked and falling in front of his icy blue eyes. His stare was unerving. Rose flinced. The boy lunged foward. Rose gasped and jumped aside, the boy falling over. "Damnit..." He cursed, getting back up. But he was too late. Rose's feline fan hit him over the head. She put it back on its holder and put her hands to her mouth. "Crack!" She cast as a small ball of ice hit the boy on the head. Rose laughed slyly. "Thats what you get." The boy looked at the floor, his eyes burning with regreat. "Darn....who the hell do you think you are?" He called. Rose's smile faded, her expression grew dull. "Rose." The boy rolled his eyes. "I mean last name idiot." Rose looked up, tears in her eyes. "My last name.... I don't know.." She sighed. The boy looked at her. "Well i'm Aaron Wilkin." He muttered. She raised her eyebrows. "Ooooo amazing." She said saracasticly, punching him hard on the head.

Aaron awoke in a small hut. He was laying on a bed, his hair soaking the pillow. The fire at the end of the room alarmed him for a second. Rose was sitting at a table. Her brown eyes were glancing at the window. The rain still fell. Aaron shook his head and got up. "Finnaly." She muttered. Aaron looked around. This wasn't Erinns house. He looked her in the eye. "Where am i?" Rose got up. "My old house..." Her voice drifted. "Just come outside." She snapped, opening the door. Aaron made sure his copper sword was firmly in its holder before stepping out. A couple of Cucumbers with spears were outside the door. Before Aaron had a chance to think, they lunged. "Fight!" Called Rose, bringing out her fan. Aaron nodded. He slashed his sword at one, but got punched in the stomach at the same time. He hit his head on the house. Rose was quickly flung into the same position, her head hitting the wall hard. Aarons eyes fluttered. "Damn..." He cursed. "Damn..." Rose repeated.

The End

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