A stared at the little girl in front of me, tears streaming down her face as she struggled to get past me. Pulling her arm free, she started to run past me but I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her round, kneeling so that I was looking her in the eye,

"Whoa, hold it! What's up?" She looked up at me, her face puffy from crying and her green eyes staring at me.

"No!" She cried, a moan escaping her lips, "Let me go! They're going to find me..." She chocked back a sob, "They killed everyone!" 

I swallowed, my mouth suddenly becoming very dry, "Don't worry, what's your name?" She looked at me surprised then whispered that her name was Beth. Glancing around to see if anyone was looking, I picked Beth up and carried her over to an abandoned barn. Opening the door, I put her behind a heap of hay,

"Wait here ok? I'll lure them away and then you go to the house just down the road and ask to stay there. They're very nice people who will help you... ok?" I tried to stop my voice from shaking. Beth nodded her head, brown pigtails flying up and down.

Outside I closed the door and walked back to the road, with that I began to run in the direction that Beth had been coming. Soon enough I heard the sound of running feet and saw a group of men heading towards me, I turned to the right and ran through the under bush making as much noise as I could to attract their attention.
It worked, they soon began to follow me, yelling to one another.

I just hoped that none of them had carried on and that they were all following me, I risked a glance behind me and wished I hadn't. The man closet to me was only a few steps away, I pushed myself harder. My breaths came out in short gasps, 

"Please, someone help me," I thought desperately to myself. One of the men grabbed my blouse from the back, the material ripping, but the force making me over balance and tip over down the slope below me. I lay there for a  moment, blinking rapidly, my ears buzzing. Someone grabbed my front and pushed me again a tree. 

"What is your name?!" They yelled at me, I gasped. The person growled in annoyance,"Are you Beth?!"
I blinked with shock, why did they want Beth, more importantly how did they know her name? What could they want with her?

I thought back to the green eyes that had looked at me with such innocence. Why was I doing this? But then again, what did I have to loose? I had no family, no friends... well except for a dog... I swallowed, my voice hoarse and said,


The man smiled cruelly and let go of my top. I fell onto the ground with a thump and watched as the man pulled out his sword. I got a fistful of dirt and as he lifted the blade I threw my weapon into his eyes. I jumped up and turned to run but something hot hit my side. My mouth opened with shock and I looked down to see the tip of the sword appearing from the side of my stomach. So he had still hit me, it was worth a try. I closed my eyes and I stepped away from the blade and fell to the ground. Blood soon began to soak into the ground as the men left laughing.

I looked up to the stars and thought,

"Please just keep Beth safe...And let it all be worth something."

The End

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