A Boy From Angel Falls

Aaron had his arms across his chest. "Not coming." He sulked. His mother sighed. "Gosh Ash. Your 16 and you still don't listen! Get a grip!" His sister moaned. He turned his head away. 8 years ago, his neighbours had been killed by an angry mob. A young girl named Muffy had been killed, along with her younger sister Beccie. The current whereabouts of there parents and brother were unkown. Aarons parents had joined in the search, but had no luck. Aaron glared at his mother, who was trying to make him clean up the horse's poop. He left the barn and sniffed the fresh air. He could see the new kid a little while away. She was about his age, and had blonde hair tied up in a ponytail. She was a travelling minstrel who had just about survived a fall in the recent earthquake. Erinn was currently looking after her. Aaron didn't understand her, all he knew was that she was planning to go travelling. She often seemed distant, as if she saw something others couldn't. She was currently twiddling her hair as if she was shy. Erinn was asking her what she wanted for dinner.

6 Hours Later....

Aaron knew quite well that this wasn't was meant to happen. His mother was shouting quite loudly at his sister, who was crying her eyes out. His farther stood a little while away his face turned away. Aaron knew that his mother wasn't his farthers first love. His farthers gaze drifted to Aaron. He slit his eyes as Aaron left. Aaron felt the rain pouring on his brown hair. His tears mixed in with the rain. Why had everything changed? It had all been fine since the new girl- Rose- had arrived. His farther seemed to notice that she looked exactly like his first love. Aaron shook his head. She was only 16, he reminded himself. His farther was 35. Aaron raised his sword from its holder. Maybe the only choice was to murder Rose.

The End

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