Dragon Quest X11: Sentiels Of The Starry Skies

A Team Of Four.
A Rustle Of Leaves.
A Loud Scream.
A Broken Whip
A Broken Lance
This Is Not The End...

The sky was clouded with misreble clouds. I looked around, Mother and Farther were no-where to be found. My eyes grew wide. Where on earth were they? I turned around, my tiny eight year old body shivering with fear. A little while away, my sister was panting with the work of holding back the door. I could see the pain across her face.

 I began panting hard as she asked me to do something usefull. The ringing of the screaming mob outside was enough to get me to lock all the windows. I knew that my brother was not guilty of murder. Not the murder of an entire family. No way...No way.... Me and my entire family were the suffers of this misunderstanding.

 I heard my sister scream as the back door burst open, and the mob poured in, spears and knifes in hand. I knew already that they'd just crushed my sister. I screamed in unision and ran for the door. My brother stood there, his arms open.

He picked me up and we ran out the door down the dusty path. I weeped slowly. Where were Mother and Farther? Brother had a serious look on his face. I felt myself being snatched from his arms, him swearing and me crying. The person who snatched me was sniggering, a spear in his hands. I knew it was too late for me. I screamed for my brother to leave, so he did. I felt the spear being pushed into my throat, i could feel the trickle of blood...i knew it was over.

The End

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