Was It A Dream?

The man dissipated the energy and elements, and looked at the chief. “There is still one more thing that needs to be done. We must each imbue it with some of our life force, so that it may become self aware and do a few other things. Do I have your permission to draw on your life force?”

“Of course, use what you need.”

“Thank you.” He holds out his hand for the chief, and when the chief grabs his hand he closes his eyes, drawing in the energy and directing it into the creature. He draws on equal amounts of both of their life forces, making sure not to draw too much. “It is done,” he says as he opens his eyes, “The creature will now be able to guide you. I have given it a few abilities to help you and the child.”


“Oh yes, I forgot to tell you didn’t I? On your way to the city, you will find a woman who is close to death. She doesn’t know it but she is holding on just long enough to ensure that her child is taken care of and survives. You will take the child and ensure that you will protect it.” The man stares hard at the chief, “And you will protect the child. You will do everything in your power to raise him well and teach him. His learning is not to be untrusted to anyone else. Do not fear that you will die before he is grown, for you will not die before it is time for him to leave you. But it is your responsibility to prepare him.”
“what am I to prepare him for? And how can you ensure that I will not die?”
“you are to prepare him to be a king,” The man smiles, and the room grows warmer somehow as he says,” I can ensure that you won’t die, the only thing you must do is to always remember me and obey me in all I command you. I will reward you accordingly to how well you serve me. I don’t have the time to explain all things to you at this time, for it is now time for the others to wake and you must lead them. Go southwest, and continue on until you come to the cliffs. The creature will guide you to the correct location, and all you will need to do is press the medallion against the wall. You will understand from there.”
The man hands the creature to the chief, and as he touches the creature, the chief finds himself waking up on the beach, as if all that had just happened was a dream.

The End

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