A Chief Conversation, and A Smelly Fish

“I.. I remember you, from when I was just a child. But how is that you are still the same as I remember? you haven’t aged a year.”

The man smiles at him and replies, “That is correct, my body has not aged since you met me as a child.”

“That creature out there, what is it?”

“I will explain later, but for now there is something I must talk with you about. As I am sure you noticed, many of your young and able bodied have either drowned or fell into my little hole out there. All that remains is you and the others of the valley that were unable to make the swim. They all sleep out on the beach, as you saw.”

“How is it that they sleep? What is happening here?”

“Please, I know you have many questions but my time is short. That medallion that you were, do you remember what I told you when I gave it to you?”

“Well, of course, you said that..”

“So long as you remember, that is all I care. I am very pleased that you kept it, by the way. I almost expected you to be rid of it by now. But no matter, we must move on. The creature out there is a dragon, and I created it from the stallion that I drowned in the lake. Your villagers that drowned are dead, they are not coming back. Those that I have taken will be my people, and I will teach them and make them great. You, however, are to serve me here. You will lead what remnants of your people remain and you will take them from the valley. I have already arranged for land to be given to you when you get to the city.”

“Leave the valley? But.. how? And what is a city?”

Do not worry, I will make you a guide and it will direct you. There is much still that I must tell you, but for now this must do. You need to leave here now, I cannot explain in the short time remaining.” The man looks around and finds the tub of lake water that holds a few live fish. He reaches in and grabs one. Turning to the chief, the man says,” Now what kind of creature would you like for a guide?”

The chief stares at him as if he was crazy. “Creature? I.. I don’t understand.”

“Creature. Animal. Do you remember that game we played?”

“Ah! yes, of course now I understand. so you can actually do that?” The man stares at the chief, a blank look in his eyes. “Oh. umm.. yes of course. Well, I assume you remember the games as well? How about the very last creature, the one that we decided was just right.”

Smiling, the man holds the fish in the air and focuses his power, drawing on the elements and aether. An orb surrounds the fish, and it begins to grow. Its body widens as small spike like legs grow from is sides, three on each side. The tail grows thick as a neck begins to form, pushing the head out away from the body. The neck extends out until almost as long as the body was at the beginning, the new bones growing stronger. The head begins to take on a form similar to that of the dragon, two little horns jutting out from the top of its head. Its spine begins to push out from its back, the top half resting outside of the body as a second forms inside of it, protected by the outer covering. The outer spine begins to thicken at three points along the neck, growing thicker and stronger as it grows out and encircles the neck as well as create little spires. Muscles began to form around the spires, growing outward to create whip like limbs. The new creature resembled nothing that they had ever seen.

The End

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