the dragon flew over to the beach and the man dismounted. He rubs the dragon’s snout as he walked around it and stared at the sleeping people. He looked around the group of sleeping people, and when he saw an elderly man with silver hair he walked closer to him. Bending down to look at the face, the man saw that he was the elder of the village by the small pendant around his neck. The man smiled, pleased that he had kept the pendant and not thrown it away. Placing his hand over the man’s eyes, he used his power to wake him from his sleep. He stood up, making room for the elderly chief as he slowly made his own way to stand. As he looked up to look at the man’s face, the chief's eyes went wide with surprise. He looked over the man’s shoulder and saw the dragon, and his eyes went wider still. He opens his mouth as though to speak but the man places his hand over the chiefs mouth, preventing him from speaking. He points to the people that lay sleeping in the sand and waits until the chief understands. The two of them walk up the beach to the closest hut and walk in. The man and chief face each other, the chief staring and trying to understand what stands in front of him.

The End

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