Move On

The man and dragon stop using their power to improve the young men and watch as they arrive at the edge of the hole. They each stop right at the lip, waiting. They stare at each other in amazement, unable to understand what happened to them. They knew they should have been at least slightly tired, but they all felt incredibly energized and alive. Looking up, they see the dragon for the first time, not having had noticed it as they swam. They stare up at it, trying to understand what it is they are looking at as it descends until they are able to see the man. They stare at him as he gets up and stands on the creatures back and motions them forward with his hand. They push forward through the water and begin to fall. The man watches as they fall away and disappear into the darkness. He then looks through the minds of the people still pressing onward, and he finds the five young women who would be the best matches for the young men who had already gone on. He urges them to push harder, to fight forward and to each make it to the hole. The girls press onward as he lays back down on the dragon, connecting his mind to that of the creature. They begin to sing again, this time to strengthen the girls as they push on, strengthening their bodies so that they too will be able to push through the wall and on into the next realm. They reach the edge faster than they would have otherwise, strengthened by the power given them by the man, and they push on through the water wall and fall into the emptiness.

As the girls disappear, the man guides the dragon high up and stares out at the people still swimming. Looking out at them, he watches as they struggle to make it. Many fight on, but there are also many who fall back and give up after hearing the people on the shore yelling to them. They continued to watch as some of them reached the edge and starred in. He knew they felt a great peace as they looked down, but many became afraid and tried to swim back. Many of those we left drowned, but some of them were held up by their friends and led back to the hole. Some who were led back tried to swim away again, to ashamed or afraid to continue on and instead tried to make it back to the shore. Those who made it all the way and aren't ashamed pressed forward and fell into the hole, disappearing into the darkness.

After a time, all of the people either drowned or managed to push through and disappear. the man and dragon fly high into the sky and press their minds out to envelop all of the living bodies in the valley, using their power to erase all signs and memories of the people who once lived in the valley. Using the dragon as a conduit the man focused his power on the few people who had been unfit to swim out, instead watching from the beach. He browsed through their memories and put a wall around those that could lead people to the valley, as well as memories that could prove harmful to the plan. When he was done interfering with their minds he made them sleep, and they all fell down and slept where they lay.

The End

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