The man sheds his black coat, letting it fall to the ground as he walks backwards away from the edge of the cliff. He opens his mouth as if to shout, but not a sound escaped his lips. He stops and runs for the cliff, jumping off as the dragon begins to diveand glide towards the cliff to intercept the falling man. the air rushes by, and as he falls he watches as his newly created dragon maneuvers to just below him, falling slightly slower so as to not injure the man as he lands on its back. Grabbing hold of the handles on its neck and placing his feet on the ridges at the base of the wings, the man lays prostrated on the dragons back as it ends its dive and pulls up, leveling out before hitting the water. The man guides the dragon with his mind and they soar to the middle of the lake. together as one the man and dragon open their mouths and begin to speak a spell, one in the language of the creators and the other in the tongue of dragons. A hole appears in the water, sucking the air downwards towards the bottom of the lake.

Reaching out with his mind the man grabs the net of power he placed over the people and drags them to the edge of the lake, forcing them to swim out to the hole. Many of the elderly and weak fall, forcing the man to whisk them back to shore and remove his power from their minds. but the strong and determined fight their way onward, determined to reach the hole in the water, their only desire to obey the silent prompting. As they villagers mass together and swim, five young men pull away from the group and race out to the center, each determined to be the first to arrive. As the man and dragon watch them, they begin to sing and bend the power and energy of the world to their will to strengthen the boys, granting them strength greater than that of a grown man. They swim faster as their limbs are imbued with strength and power, their minds and vision both growing sharper and stronger. Their bodies grow larger and faster as they fight to win, fighting against the waves that rise up out of the water without warning to push them back. But they all continue on, each determined to survive and not falter.

The End

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