The air begins to thicken as the elements all around rush to the creature, creating a large sphere that envelops it. The sphere acts as a womb, feeding the creature as it grows its new bones and muscles. Inside the orb of raw energy and elements, the creature grows still, its eyes close and its body stops moving, as if it were dead. But it is far from, for the energy being fed to it is being used to sustain its life as the body is transfigured. The muscles continue to grow larger and stronger; the bones, stronger and lighter. Its flight muscles all begin to form, and as they grow the creature grows wider to accommodate them. Its body lengthens as well so as to not lessen the ability to use its legs to run, while its neck flattens down so as to be almost level with its shoulders. Its tail begins to grow longer and thicker, the scales getting smaller and smaller as they reach out across the tail. Its head then begins to change. Its jaw widens and its teeth fall away, leaving space for the new ones to fill in. Its ears regrow where the old ones fell away with the skin, and horns form just above and behind them. Its entire face is reconstructed after the fashion of the functionality of the image in the mans mind. As its body is completely reformed, the orb grows brighter as it feeds even more energy into the inactive creature to recreate the inner bodily functions.

The people across the valley on the hill stare on in amazement as they watch the amazing spectacle. The man, sure that his creation will be complete soon, looks over to the people as they stare at the sphere. He raises his arms up and begins to chant, summoning a web of power and sending it over the lake to descend on the people. Ha watches as they all shudder in unison as is power sank into them. Smiling, he refocuses back to his new creature and whispers a word to break the flow of energy, allowing the creature to wake up and become aware. The orb dissipates the energy and the elements that had been gathered all fall down into the lake. The newly born creature opens its maw and roars as its wings whip open, the sound reverberating off of the cliffs and filling the valley with a never before heard echo.

The End

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