The Horse

The man smiles as he watches the white horse plunge into the waters. He raises his hand and watches as the now black animal returns to the surface, in doing so redoubling its effort to swim to shore. with a satisfactory smile on his lips, the man motions with his hand as if to push the horse towards the shore, and it begins to be able to swim in the guided direction. The water around it calms and it has no trouble swimming the rest of the way to the edge of the lake and manages to run back to the herd as the black coating falls from its hide, revealing scales that are deep red, like dried blood. But whereas the previous horse managed to escape, the newly captured stallion finds that it can’t move. It is pulled farther and farther out until it rests at the center. The water churns and a black coating begins to cover the new horse, the white blotted out as the black lake stains its skin. The village men atop the hill stare out over the lake, straining to see the horse. Lightning flashes again, this time striking the horse. The electricity hovers in the air, a continuous bolt of light connecting the horse to the dark clouds above. The man on the hill starts laughing, unable to contain his mirth as the animal transforms before his eyes.

The horse rises out of the water, its skin a dull black color, blending in with the dark clouds in the sky. But as the horse stops and floats in the air, the clouds open and the moon is able to shine through. A moonbeam strikes the creature, and it shudders as the skin begins to fall away. The hair and outer skin fall from its body, revealing the small, midnight blue scales beneath, reflecting the somber light. Veins of silver appear on its back and spread downwards on either side. One starts just behind its front legs, the other almost even with the back legs. They flow down the legs and begin to bulge, pulling out away from the body. The veins of life and light rip away from the body, connected only by the ends on the back as they grow thicker and wider, growing more dull and starting to fill with color to match the scales. The air around the creature begins to shimmer, drawing in the elements around it as the veins grow. The elements fuse together, creating new skin and tissue as the now blue veins connect at the tips and take on the shape of wings. The animals body expands, gaining width and a greater fullness of its chest to make room for the new muscles required for flight. The back starts to rise up and expand, creating a jutting spire of bone on either side of its body behind the wings, and two horn like handles in the middle of its neck. Its feet grow larger as well, claws replacing hooves and breaking out through the skin and flesh as the bones expand and grow to accommodate the new shape so as to support the body.

The End

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