Dagger: Sick of DragonsMature

I heard a scream coming from the dungeon, i ran there immediatly to notice that brown haired peasant just standing there saying "The rare invisable dragon has taken the princess!" and im pretty much getting sick of dragons right now.

"Shut up and get out of here, you shouldnt even be here!" i shout at the peasant. She just runs away in the direction of the peanut butter kitchen. I investigate the cell, looking around for any clues as to how she could of gotten out. I moved the hay on the floor around, there seems to be no trap door or hole in the ground to escape from. There wasnt any holes in the walls. But on my way out after giving up, i noticed peanut butter all over the lock. It seemed to of had unlocked the lock.

I followed brown haired girl, but then i came to all the bedrooms for the peasants. I opened the first one and walked in. I saw the princess just sat there on the bed.
"Aha!" i shouted, before feeling something rather blunt at the back of my head and collapsing to the floor.

I then wake up tied to a chair, ragged and with a sword to my throat.

The End

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