Rain: Peanut Butter Is Good For SomethingMature

My eyes widen. "You're immortal!" She nods. I narrow my eyes at her and go over to her cell.

"Why do you need the dragon? Coz if you have to kill them to stay alive or whatever..." The princess starts laughing. "I would never kill a dragon. I'm like you inthat way. The star dragon is very young and won't last long withoutour help." Inodded, knowing where this isgoing.

I bend down tothe lock and smile. "Stand backprincess, you won't wanna get peanut butter on ya." She looked a little confused but did what I said. From a pocket of my dress, I get out a jar of peanut butter. I put some in the lock then pick up my knife.

I wiggle the knife around in the lock for a while and then lots of peanut butter splashes out into the cell. I take my knife out and the door opens. I get to my feet and smile. "Wow. Nice one." I blush, I've never been good with compliments.

"You need to get out of here princess. Go to my sleeping quaters. It's the one closest to the peanut butter kitchen." She nods and flashes me a smile. I smile back. "Thankyou dragon girl." I nod. She runs out quickly and after a few minuets I  scream.

"Help! Help!" Some guards come rushing in. "The rare invisable dragon has taken the princess!" Suddenly lots of people came into the dungon with worried looks on their faces. Now it's time to say she's as good as dead and there is no point worring or anything. I make tears run down my face. I open my mouth. "What happend?" I close my mouth and stare at the witch, Ash. This is gonna be harder then I thought.

The End

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