Ash - Too many jobs.Mature

Well, my plan didn't really work out. But hey. Now there's a dragon on the loose. How lovely. Now I guess I need to find it. Because this sort of was my fault. Hmm. I wonder how the hell I am supposed to find a dragon?! I walk to my quarters and sit on my bed. This is going to involve magic I can tell. Wait a second? That peasant girl knows about dragons. Maybe I could ask her to help me? Yes. I'll do that. It's either ask her or get eaten/lost.

First I need to make some arrangements. *ring*ring*

Oh great that's just what I need. The kings helpful ideas. I run back down the staircase and make my way once again to the kings main room. But this time I don't even need to knock, for the king is waiting outside. "Ash! Thank you for getting here so quickly. I'm guessing you heard about my encounter with death?" Oh drama queen. Or...king? Whatever. "Er yes sire..." "Oh well I locked her in the dungon.", he smiles when saying this. Oh great now he locked his niece in the dungon. "Sire. Thats your niece you know. But anyway I will sort it out. And I also have a plan of how to get the dragon back. Leave it to me sire." I quickly leave before he can ask me if he can participate. I am NOT letting him come. He will just complain about the lack of peanut butter.

So now I have the wonderful job of finding the dragon girl AND getting his niece to forgive him. Yippee.

The End

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