Rain: Feelings For The DragonMature

Smallbolt has flown off, Iknow he'll be back but I feel empty inside. Oh Father, what would you think of me? I couldn't helpthe dragon!

"Get off of me! I am princess Freja and I order you to let go of me!" She hisses at the guards who are holding onto Freja. She is struggling to get out of their grasp but it's no good. I shake my head. Poor princess, I heard that she can be a bit agreesive, but that's no reason to put her in the dungon.

The guards throw her in the dirty jail and pushed past me. I sigh and turn to go. "Wait. Wait! Dragon girl! Come here." I sigh,shake my head and keep walking. "If you want what's best for the star dragon then'll you'll stay!" I stop in my tracks and goback into the dungon.

"I'm listening." I say in a strong voice.

The End

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