Dagger: Just GreatMature

That dragon killed my men and flew off!
I managed to notice that the peasant managed to be able to get on the dragon instead of it killing her, this shows that she may be useful. "On the horse" i said and she got on, we rode back to the castle and i just left her to do... whatever she does i dont care shes a peasant.

When i went deeper into the castle i noticed lots of guards flooding into the castle, the king must be in trouble. I jumped off my horse and ran into the castle with them, when we got to the kings chambers we just noticed that princess with a sword to the kings throat jump out of the window. I ran after her and jump out the window and land behind her, by that time the guards had formed line formation to block off her exit. I walk up to her and look her deeply into her eyes with hate.
"What did you think your doing? Youre under arrest" i say to her face with scorn.
"You cant arrest me im princess..." she was interrupted when i slapped her across the face.
"I can do what i bloody well want, your not in charge of me" i reply with anger "take her away boys, make sure she rots" The guards take her away to the dungeon.

I make my way back up to the kings chambers to make sure the king was alright.
"You alright my lord?" I asked.
"Ill be fine, abit of peanut butter wont hurt" he replies. I just roll my eyes at his comment and walk away.

The End

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