I walked into the Kings office with grace. "May I speak with you?" I ask with so much force it isn't a question it is an order. He nods in a startled manner.

"You shouldn't be attacking the dragon it will just hurt you even more, more of your people will be killed and the times of eating peanut butter would be over" I say in a persuasive voice while watching his expressions become sad,confussed and then angry.

"Why do you want your kingdom to kill it first so you will be known forever more? I will never let that happen and my peanut butter will never end" He shouts patronizingly "Now if you would excuse me I have work to do" He says regaining his calm and collected self while making a shoo motion with his hand. That did it noone talks to me like that and gets away with it I ran behind him,pulled back his hair and put a sword to his throat "You do not treat a princess in that rude manner OK? and you shall do as I say otherwise both our kingdoms shall be destroyed" I whispered in his ear fiercly as he nodded I drew back my sword and swung out the window climbing down as I heard the king call "guards, guards!"

The End

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