Fly AwayMature

I start to crouch a little and pace the cave.  He watches me with sparkling eyes. My breath comes out quick and adrenaline is pulsing through my viens. I smile at him then leap. I jumpup onto his back and holdonto his neck.

The star dragon roars but I stroke his ears and hum softly. He settles down and I jump off. I start backing out ofthe cave, never taking myeyes off of the dragon. The sun beams down on mycrouched back and the dragon following me.

Once he was fully outside, I smiled at him and stood up straight. I turn to the gobsmacked  knights. "How did you do that?" Dagger ordered. "My father sir. He taught me Sir." My voice is strong, that always happens after I've been with animals.

"Sir, allow my to interduce you to Smallbolt. He's a star dragon." I say proudly, raising my head. The knights started to crowd around Smallbolt. My eyes widen as I finally know their plan. They're going to capture the star dragon.

"No! You can't do this! Smallbolt is a rare animal, you can't just put him in a cage!" They are taking no notice of me so I run up towards one ofthe men. A armored arm hits me back. I go flying onto the floor.

Smallbolt roars at the knights in front of him. He feels threatened and he's tired. All his anger is flowing out of him. Electricity flows out of his mouth, killing the knights. I get to my feet to stop Smallbolt. "Smallbol..." But Smallbolt flies away, leaving me with Dagger our mouths wide open.

The End

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