I make my way to the kings chambers, as it is morning and i was called there. On my way there i noticed a peasant talking to a princess, but i ignored it as i have not got the authority to question the princess about talking to one of our peasants.

As we got into the kings chambers, we was paceing around the room quite excitedly, he then looked at me.
"Ah Dagger, my freind, its time to capture us a dragon!" he yelled with excitement.
"Sir i belive princess Freja is here to see you?" I reply
"Hmm, ill take care of this, you go after it, take that one with you!" he says as he points at the peasant who showed Freja here, she had a slight smirk before looking shocked. "Dont forget the peanut butter! Its important"

I roll my eyes as i grabbed the long brown haired peasant out of the castle, and got a couple of horses and we set off towards the dragons cave. It was only minutes before we got there, it was alot closer than i thought.

"Im not covering you in peanut butter, go say hello to our little friend..." I say getting my spear ready, not that it would do much, but i could blind one eye before i get killed, that would make it much less of a threat, or so i would hope.

The peasant walked up to the cave with upmost confidence, as if wanting to of done this. I watched, as i dont mind seeing a little gore.

The End

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