I was doing my daily patrol around the castle, walking past the lit torches hung on the walls, flames doing a flickering dance lighting up the corridors merely. I was walking past the kings sleeping chambers and i could hear him talking to someone...

"Peanut butter" that was all i could hear, as i walked past not stopping at the unusual muttering of that word, although the king loves peanut butter, so no wonder it is being mentioned. Last week was the worst, me made me walk all over town just to get jars of peanut butter, it was just ridiculous.

As i made my way to the north-west watch tower, and also my sleeping quarters, i overheard two guards talking about a dragon not too far away from the castle in an underground cavern. Knowing this the king would of heard of it, i hope it isnt one of the kings 'wonderful' ideas about getting that dragon captured. All i could guess is thats why i heard the words peanut butter.

I finally finished my patrols, and then went up to my sleeping quarters, took off my armour then went to sleep. 

The End

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