*Bring! Bring!* Ash! I need you! Wake up! *Bring! Bring!* Ash!!!

I wake to the sound of King Abyss calling me. "Coming.", I say into the reciever. I get up and put my red cape on over my dress. I quickly check my hair in the mirror. Hmm. It will do. I quickly run down the stairs, down, down, down, until I reach the bottom of the tower. I know my way around the castle now, so I twist and turn through the doorways and stairways. Finally I reach the Kings bedroom. I lean against the door for a second to get my breath back. I knock and wait for a reply. As a I wait, my finger automatically traces the patterns on the door. "Come in Ash. Quick!" I push the door open and see King Abyss pacing the room exitedly. "Ash! I have had a brilliant idea! Quick close the door!" I sigh and close the door behind me. Another of the Kings 'wonderful' ideas. "So. I was thinking. You know we have always had a problem with dragons yes?....Yes?" "Yes Abyss." "Yes....Well I have a brilliant idea of how to deal with them." It's either going to involve frogs...peasants....or peanut butter. "We could get a peasant to stand outside the dragons cave, yes? And then we could cover them in peanut butter, because dragons love peanut butter, yes? And then we could get them to lure the dragon out, yes?" Oh 2 out of 3. "Isn't that the best plan ever Ash?!"

"Erm. Sire...what would we do when the dragon is lured out?" He thinks for a moment about my question. "Oh. I forgot that part." I laugh inside. "Couldn't we just use a spell to lock the dragon in its cave? That way it can't do any harm." Again, he thinks about my question. "Well yes....but...its....hmm.....quite a good idea I suppose. Thank you Ash. We will start work as soon as I have my breakfast."

The End

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