I'm still awake, I know I shouldn't be but how can I sleep when a real live dragon is out there! Not just any dragon; a star dragon! I've seen him a couple of times.

He is a young dragon. He's got blue scales and noteably large and vicious claws. His breath is a bolt of electricity. He is very solemn and serious. And, from the stories my father used totell, he lives in an underground cavern! 

Such a beautiful creature! Papa used to tell me such stories about them! He said, once, a star dragon killed a whole army and didn't get a scratch on him! My father said they were the hardest type of dragons to tame. My Papa was a dragon tamer and that's what I am. Well, in secret of course. It's the law not to.

I rub my dark eyes and yawn. I should be getting so sleep. I'm a peasant and I need all my energy tomorrow to do my duties around the castle. I hate it here. No one is allowed out unless you have  a status. I'm trapped here until I die. Oh, if only Papa was here, he'll know what to do. But he died two years ago. It's just me now.

I can hear the dragon flying. I smile as I drift off to sleep. I'm going to tame that dragon, I don't care what the law says!

The End

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