Dragon Liner

This is a story about a girl named Madeline and her dragon Dosamus. She goes to a boarding school called the Le Madamoiselle School for Girls. It is actually the first chapter of a story I'm writing, but I wanted to know what would happen if I let others write what they want to happen.

Chapter One

    Madeleine ran through the forest with her dragon, Dosamus, flying above her. Every person had a dragon of their own since birth. When you are still a baby you will choose a dragon. Madeline had chosen Dosamus.

    “Where are we going?” Dosamus called down.

    “I don’t know,” Madeline replied. “I guess we’ll have to find out when we get there.” She laughed as the wind played with her long black hair. Her emerald eyes sparkled with excitement.

    Soon they came to a clearing. Madeline sat down on a rock and Dosamus landed gracefully next to her.

    “We shouldn’t be running around out here, you know,” Dosamus said worriedly, folding her dark blue wings together. “We should go back to the School.”

    Madeline frowned. Her mother had died in childbirth. Her father had raised her until she was five and then left her in the care of the Le Mademoiselle School for Girls.

    “I guess you’re right,” Madeline sighed. She climbed onto Dosamus’s back and they flew back toward the school.

    When they arrived, Madeline left Dosamus in the Dragon Dorm with the other dragons and headed off to class.

    Madeline’s next class was sewing. She started off toward the classroom but then she looked down at her dress. Her apron was caked with mud and there was a huge hole where a pocket had been. She couldn’t go to classes like this!

    Madeline ran up the stairs toward her dormitory that she shared with three other girls. When she got there she ran to her wardrobe. She threw open the heavy wooden doors, and stared in amazement.

    It was empty. There was nothing in the wardrobe but one dress, Madeline’s party dress, and it was impossible to go to classes wearing it. The School didn’t have uniforms, but it did have a fairly strict dress code: simple dresses with an apron. Sometimes you could get away with a pocket.

    Madeline’s party dress was anything but simple. It was violet with frilly sleeves and a sash. No, there was no way she could wear this. No way, no how.

    What else do I have to wear, though? Madeline asked herself. Laundry and mending was done on Wednesday and it was Tuesday. Maybe she could persuade the laundress.

    No, Madeline thought. That would only result in my doing the laundry for everybody. She would much rather face humiliation than wash seven hundred frocks. Even if she did get in trouble, the punishment would most likely be no supper. Madeline had that punishment at least three times a week. Ella, her best friend, would always bring something up for her anyway.

    Well, Madeline thought. Here I go. She slipped the dress on and headed to Sewing Class.

The End

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