passing a test

Chapter5:  Passing the test


As Jack lay there holding a scalesite above him by the neck above him he drew his sword from its scabbard and rammed it into the scalesite’s eye it popped and the dust took the form of a person still being held by the neck the person smiled

“Can you let me breath now?” he wheezed

“sure wait a sec though” Jack responded also with a smile the Darkus was rolling along jacks sheet’s his blade smashed down on top of it and it crumbled into dust “ok now you can go” Jack lifted him higher and placed him on the ground

“Thanks the name’s Abe, Abe Spira” he held out his hand and Jack took it.  “now if you excuse I must go” he pulled a necklace from under his shirt it projected a map he tapped the location for a residential housing estate then his eyes caught a look at the date on jacks electronic calendar he had hung there the other day. “Is that the date?”

“Yes why do you ask” the date showed the 19th of July

“Well it say’s the nineteenth but I was captured on the twelfth.....”

“So it’s only a week”

“... Of April”

“Oh that’s bad. Well at least it’s over.”

“Yes well I must go speak to my wife and my new born son.”


“Thank you. Um....... what did you say your name was?”

“Jack, Jack Tornaous”

“Thanks again Jack.” and with that he teleported away Jack scrambled up out of bed and ran to each of his friends doors they too had scalesite drooling over them Jack blasted each of them waking up his friends each time the people had been missing for several weeks. Now that their apartment was clear everyone was showing of their new powers except Jack who had yet to gain his new powers. Ryan was cooking breakfast stirring the pan fried scrambled eggs without touching the spoon. It span as he twisted his finger. Shelby was controlling a flame that was twinkling in her hand. Andrew was creating bubbles and throwing them at Shelby’s flame. Kiaya was throwing lightning bolts out of the window whilst at the other end striker was catching it and zapping it back. Flamoto was setting fire to targets that crusher created. Whilst Aquos was swimming around in the sea.

“So Jack how come you and Elementos aren’t testing your powers” requested Kiaya. Elementos was in his spirit form now that they had evolved they spent all their time in the human world Elementos was allowed because technically Jack was in his test right now

“Oh Elementos isn’t feeling well he is.......” he paused “well maybe he should tell you”

“Um...... well..... I think its power overload. It will wear of.” The dragon said in a strained ill voice

“Hope you feel better soon.” Shelby said sympathetically she closed her hand around the flame extinguishing it.

“Eat quickly we have half an hour to get to school” called Ryan as the plates flew in and landed on the table.

“You forgot the ....” he was about to say cutlery but then the knives and forks flew in complete with napkins.


They ate quickly and teleported to school Andrew was looking at the time table on Monday’s schedule it was seal forming followed by language (practical) after break it was synthesis and blacksmithing then after dinner it was gym and veterinarian classes. But first tutor where all information was passed to and from students so the five of them went up to the language class and told draconian about their evolution he simply closed his eyes and thought for a moment. Then he spoke.

“I think you should all relax and enjoy yourselves tomorrow you will get the call and be asked who you want to train you until you win if and that’s a big if you win.” He explained

“ok and we should pick?” asked Jack as team leader it was his decision and he couldn’t chose between three teacher’s one was draconian as he could teach magic, one was Rellik as he taught physical strength and another was Dranion as he could teach them how to control their dragons transformations better

“Anyone. Whoever you think is best” he replied with that the bell rang and it was time for seal forming class they transported to a spotless classroom with several desks and at the front a large collection of cloth’s and strings. The teacher was a rather odd man about mid height with a straggly beard that was no more than a few millimetres long. He was busy meditating on the tables at the front. the team took the desk at the back and pulled out there notebooks on the board there was a series of instructions telling them to copy diagrams and materials needed for certain seals. The teacher had brown hair and was wearing deep purple robes he jumped of the table and looked at them as the other students walked in

“Today class we will sketch then form a transportation seal.” the teacher spoke in a deep voice. “Any questions?”

“Um I have one” called Jack. “What are seal’s?”

“seal’s are a type of energy disturbance that control energy to allow things to happen some can even trap creatures to be summoned later these are known as talisman s. But that’s for a later date.”

“Oh ok. Sounds awesome”

“It is hold on and I will show you something cool” he held one hand out flat in line with his nose then he punched his hand and a floating glowing version of the diagram rippled into the air in front of them it glowed and the central circle expanded revealing a spiralling vortex then a head poked out it belonged to a dragon the ‘seal’ had appeared in front of the team the dragon looked curious.

“Hi. What are your names?” he enquired

“Well I’m Jack this is Andrew, Kiaya, Shelby and Ryan” he answered pointing to each of them in turn.

       “Not you your dragons” the five of them turned to see their dragons in spirit form floating behind them the dragons floated by and entered a conversation with the one from the seal thingy. The next thing was to try and make the seal’s that was trickier than making a crystal in synthesis. Soon enough it was time for language practical so they teleported to their form class using their new seals. They began with simple element control learning control words such as cortolian and manarpula.  Then it was time for break he let his friend’s go ahead saying he was going to speak to draconian about how Elementos was sick. After his friends had left he explained his test to him

 “Ok as I see it you will have to tell them as well but the only place where you can challenge them is the school arena” he replied “any way it will have to be at lunch”

“Why is that?”

“Break is over” the bell rang and Jack cursed next up was synthesis maybe he could make a crystal for a power boost.


Unfortunately it was not. But it was an explosion crystal. Jack perfected it first time and was also able to add elemental properties to several more he made they were about the size of golf balls and varied as they were made from fire and thunder powder they were a typical shade of orange then coated in a see through film of elemental powder causing explosions of that element. Miss Ture said they were the best she had seen from a beginner Jack opened his bag and dumped them into a compartment he had attached for his materials and creations. After Jack had made enough explosion crystals that Miss Ture said he could possibly wipe out the dragon kings castle and apparently she saw its last visit. (Whatever that meant) any way now it was blacksmithing.


The teacher was tall bald and was heavily muscled he wore a rust pocked apron and a sleeveless shirt. He always had a hammer strapped to his belt and carried several blades he had forged himself they were only for students who excelled in blacksmithing and got an A plus in duelling they were forming shields and or blunt weapons such as maces or hammers Jack chose to make a shield and perfected it near the end of class the first time the metal oxidised (otherwise known as air damage blackening the metal) then the metal didn’t spread evenly.  The third time was when he got it right the shield came out like a star which was cool and he managed to sharpen the edges to act as blades with Ryan’s help (if his duelling was good he may just get one of sirs blades). Now it was lunch and the cafeteria was serving pizza and chips of course the pizza was cold and vegetarian and the chips were soggy with way to much vinegar luckily Ryan had prepared lunch boxes full of healthy but extremely delicious food. Jack took them to the gym were Mr. Rellik was setting up the arena draconian had informed him about the situation and now it was time to inform the team Jack turned to them and explained the whole story.

“So basically you need to beat us. So that we can beat everyone in the tournament? “Asked Kiaya with a slightly shocked expression

“Yup” replied Jack with an odd look of guilt

“And we have to give it our all?” enquired Shelby a similar expression to Kiaya’s on her face

“Yup” Jack repeated

“Jack your starting to sound like the water lord” Andrew said gaining a few quizzical looks

“Ok let’s get this party started” Ryan called out “who are you fighting first?”


“Dibs” Ryan shouted

“ok both of you knight up and go to opposite ends of the arena” Rellik commanded Jack and Ryan responded the arena was an encased ring about fifteen feet wide Jack summoned the sword of light in one hand and held his new shield in the other his emerald wings shimmering in the light. Elementos was behind him in his spirit form. Ryan had also armoured up in one hand he carried his hammer and the other was encased in stone he too was armoured in his new golden armour “this is a control break duel only first to lose their control loses. Do you except?” both of them nodded “let this duel BEGIN!”

Jack and Ryan ran at each other Jack span and hit Ryan in the head with the flat of his blade. Then he brought his shield down on his head knocking him down Ryan knocked jacks legs out from under him using his hammer Jack toppled over. Ryan stood and the rock encased hand morphed now it was a hammer he jumped into the air and brought both of them down Jack threw an explosion crystal at Ryan blowing a gaping hole in his armour below the jewel Ryan still in mid air was blown backwards and with a sickening thud hit the encasement he fell but got up seconds later

“Nice shot” he wheezed “crusher it’s time to do some smashing”

“Oh yeah” crusher called as he took on a smaller version of his physical form now he was the size of a large horse Ryan clambered up onto crushers back after he had drawn his hammer and shield they charged forward crusher flaring his wings threw his shield into the air and smashed his hammer down the two connected making a spiked mace on its way to Jack he curled up braced himself there was nothing he could do but suddenly there was a crash as Jack opened his eyes there forming a wall of protection was the sky serpent form of Elementos biting on to the shaft of the spiked hammer Jack ran up his back and slashed at Ryan who was still unaware from Elementos’ defensive manoeuvre he was knocked back and fell losing control his armour shattered.  Unable to draw any power to stay in physical form crusher reverted to spirit form and floated over to Ryan. As he began to get up Jack grabbed his wrist and pulled him up then laughing they shook hands and congratulated each other.

“Great idea using your shield to spike your hammer” Jack congratulated

“Nice shot with the crystal” Ryan replied

“Go down to the infirmary Ryan sometimes control breaking can hurt your mind and dragon” Rellik warned

“We are fine any way I want to see the others fight him he is dam good” Ryan responded

“Ok then.” Rellik yielded “may the next opponent enter” Shelby entered the room her hair flowing over her shoulders. Rellik walked over to him and whispered into his ear “summon your magic around you then suck it back in through every pore on your body it will heal your cuts and bruises”

“Thanks” he whispered already performing the task he felt the magic sink in slowly in damaged areas

“Are both opponents ready?” asked Rellik.  Shelby armoured up and brought her whip out her blonde hair peeking out from under her helmet. She nodded and so did Jack with armour and sword at the ready and Elementos waiting till needed he began to plot out his strategy he would wait till she made the first move then counter it with a gust followed by a whirlwind and finally an energy blast with emonta maxiti blistorum. “Let it begin” Rellik commanded with a wave of his hand. Shelby ran at him. Her whip at the ready to curl around Jack's neck she swung it forward but like Jack planned he blew it away then spinning he charged at Shelby sucking her in he cut her armour open just below the waist revealing her jeans also cut so her underwear was visible for a few seconds. This caught Jack’s eye putting him off his next attack. Shelby took advantage of this pause and ran a fire ball in each hand she pressed them into Jack chest burning a hole in it and setting fire to his shirt he quickly put it out with a small gust. With Shelby so close he could smell her perfume flowery he thought unconsciously. His sword stabbed forward cutting her armour and her top at the side below the arm flashing part of the bra she was wearing flowery as well Jack thought. He ignored it and stabbed again this time with his power behind it the result was a deafening roar as his dragon was behind the strike pulling him forward and knocking Shelby to the ground her armour shattered revealing the true extent of the tears in her clothing. The tears in her jeans weren’t too bad but her top had been cut almost in half across the chest. She was unconscious so he picked her up and whispered in her ear

“I’m sorry about your top and jeans” her eyelids fluttered open slowly. That beautiful smile of hers passed her lips and she giggled Jack was holding her like they were about to enter a honeymoon suite in a romantic hotel. He smelt that flowery perfume again and carried her over to Ryan who had built a table out of stone. Jack placed Shelby on it and hugged her once again whispering apologies in her ear she just giggled and shook her head

“Don’t worry about it” she whispered back and without warning she kissed him lightly on the cheek. Jack looked at her and smiled unknowing of what to do next. Kiss her back or walk away. He didn’t get to chose Kiaya was dragging him by the collar out of the spectator’s area which he now noticed was full of people. She practically threw him to his end of the arena. Jack performed the healing technique and instantly felt refreshed. His armour was repaired as well and Elementos was once again curled like a cobra ready to strike. Kiaya was sitting on Strikers back with her lightning rod in one hand and the other holding onto a spike on Striker’s neck armoured up and rearing to go she had a ferocity in her eyes that sent sparks between them. Jack was holding his air sword and light sword he knew the best move he could use was his earth explosion crystals as they were powerful with strength and the fact that extra earth damage would be dealt if he hit her at the right time. Rellik commenced the ceremony of asking each fighter then starting the fight at once striker was up and flying letting out lightning bolts from its horns as Kiaya blasted again and again Jack dodged each one and returned the attack launching blast’s of air up at shocking speeds knocking striker of balance but still able to fly Jack was up in the air to and was flying straight at strikers horns dropping earth explosion crystals on her head they exploded with a wave of mud blinding striker and coating her horns in mud stopping them from sparking up Kiaya returned striker to spirit form and flying by herself dove at Jack with a lightning bolt in one hand it hit Jack hard sending a huge shock through him his armour splintered and broke away in chunks but he held his control now he thought was the time for Elementos.

“Dragone morphone” he yelled putting all his energy into it he felt the particles of his body rearrange and change into a form of Elementos he hadn’t felt yet. It was human but scaled with the head and tale of a dragon. He heard Elementos’ thoughts echo around his head one was loud and purposeful it said

 Jack we need to pull out the claws.

How? Jack spoke silently back

Feel them let them come out when you uncurl our fingers Jack and Elementos joined as one let their claws lose and ran head first at Kiaya who was sending useless bolts of lightning at them being harmlessly absorbed and used to speed up the charge they jumped and span with whirlwind speed slicing several junks of armour and clothes off of Kiaya’s body revealing parts of underwear and her bra she lost control and Jack reverted she fell helplessly into jacks arms his hands passing over her skin he lifted her as he did Shelby out of the arena and back to the makeshift medical bay Ryan had built now it had walls to give them privacy Shelby was still wearing her tattered clothes but looked better Ryan was being looked at by the nurse with a grim look on his face that seemed faked but as soon as Kiaya was brought in the nurse ran over and examined her frowning and scolding  him. She dipped her hands into some water after explaining that she was poisoned by a single slash across the stomach nothing deadly but it did stop the flow of power breaking her control she lifted the water out of the bowl and pressed it into the wound it seeped in and flushed out the poison or most of it she then placed a small herb in Kiaya’s mouth Jack knelt down and kissed her on the cheek apologised and healed himself then he did a similar thing for her he summoned his power wrapped her in it and let her absorb it. Her cuts closed over and her bruises healed he did the same for all three of his friends and returned to the arena were Andrew was waiting blaster and armour at the ready Jack had his armour on and his swords held low in a attack position. Rellik began the fight and Andrew fired a torrent of pure energy at him. Jack’s blades were twirling before he pulled the trigger and the energy dissipated. The air sword began to glow as he switched it to maxiti form and pressed it against his sword of light willing it to absorb the energy. The light touched the sword and the wind sword disappeared the light sword became the form it was earlier except instead of white the light was green and now it was connected to his arm with the watch rather than him holding it in the other hand he held a orb of energy his shield was strapped to his thigh he pressed the energy into the shield and it grew now it was also attached to his arm but his hand was free the shield was the same but it now had spiralling green light making it larger Jack was flying now and Elementos slid beneath him he landed softly and they charged sword first at Andrew but Andrew had a trick up his sleeve he flung his hands over his head as blue light erupted from his eyes then the arena flooded almost drowning Jack and Elementos but Jack saw the wave and made bubbles that covered their heads allowing them to breath Andrew was bonded with Aquos so he was a dragon now swimming straight at him as easily as a fish Jack and Elementos rode forward sword held at the ready it hit Andrew / Aquos in the shoulder knocking them away and of course. Andrew or Aquos had opened their mouth and a blast of energy shot out of it hitting Elementos square in the chest Jack had a flash of brilliance and activated his transportation seal and held it open in front of him the water drained through it to the ocean leaving the finned Andrew or Aquos flopping like a flounder they reverted back to human and spirit form Andrew only had a scrap of armour left and almost zero energy then he did something not even Jack expected and jumped through the portal into the ocean when he came up he had a tail and was carrying a spear and shield of ice they charged at each other spear to shield and sword to shield they crashed in to each other knocking Jack of Elementos and Andrew backwards Jack stood up but Andrew didn’t resurface Jack ran summoning a bubble around his head dived in there sinking deep to the bottom was Andrew unconscious Jack was swimming after him with a powerful jet of water behind him diving deeper and deeper he grabbed him and moved his bubble onto Andrews head now he reactivated the portal and swam through landing on his feet in front of a army of spectators who cheered as Jack handed Andrew to the nurse everyone rushed to him Kiaya and Shelby each kissed him on the cheeks Ryan patted jacks sore back and the rest just cheered like there was no tomorrow still hugging him and fussing over him never diving in to trouble like that again the girls wouldn’t let go until he said he needed to check on Andrew. He had woken up and was finished coughing up water he simply nodded in agreement as Jack apologised and healed him with that miraculous technique and left feeling odd he healed himself. He felt his pupils dilate then he blinked and he was in the middle of a now empty arena with the air lord staring at him smiling with a wave of his hand Jack was armoured with that same glorious armour his friends wore except with an emerald on the chest.

“fly on my knight of the wind as I grant you and your friends the sight of your elements” jacks vision shifted and he was seeing thousands of the air lord from all angles he closed his eyes and it switched back to normal he closed them again and was back in the arena standing in a line with his friends all of them including their dragons Elementos was in gold armour now and had six wings growing along his back in pairs now instead of a serpent he also had arms and in one he carried a giant sword similar to Jack’s new one it had a golden hilt and a emerald coloured crystal blade with a solid gold statue of Elementos minus the sword along its flat edge now they were standing in their golden armour the light flashing of them they knew they were ready for whatever lay ahead for the Emonta Zoldior’z.

The End

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