the evolutions

Chapter 4: the evolution’s


That night Shelby fell asleep quickly she heard a voice calling to her it sounded like Flamoto’s

“Shelby it’s time for your test” said Flamoto in her soothing and gentle voice

“Huh what test?”

“So we can evolve”

“Oh that test well what do I have to do?”

“Prove you can defeat yourself and master self control”

“How” then the darkness around her parted and she saw her dragon as it morphed into a fire ball “why are you a ball of fire?”

“this is my spirit form I shall change every time I enter the human world but now we must face our opponent” they turned to see themselves in their armour but in black and instead of a orange ball of fire it was also a black fame the flame then engulfed the armour and the thing that seemed like Shelby lunged Shelby dodged and put on her own armour and whipped at well at her doppelgangers legs it ripped through the flames and tore the armour but instead of the doppelganger being hurt she and Flamoto were

“Ow! What the hell!!” she screamed she tried again but still was hurt herself the creature flew towards her and cut the armour away with a blade of flame which followed the movement of her fingers the creature hurled a fireball at Shelby amazingly she caught it. It was hot this was just a dream how can she feel pain and heat she threw it back she tried to summon a fireball nothing happened

“Flamoto can you bond with me like that other one has?”She asked Flamoto in a whisper. The thing that looked like Shelby was now angry the fireball had made contact and burned the armour away

“Yes but why?” replied the dragon

“We are gonna bond and get close and light burst that might just kill it”

“Ok we can try but that thing is you so if you’re immune to light magic then that is going to be immune too” the dragon warned

“So I have to use magic or fighting techniques that I’m not immune to”

“I think that’s the best plan of action.”

“Ok what can I do” she paused to dodge another fire ball “I think I could use the move I have been working on but it’s not ready yet.”

“What move?”

“It’s a move that involves a spiral kick feint and a fire burst that makes it all the more effective if I have a distraction.”


“Yes what is the most powerful move or form you can take?”

“Ummmm.............well there is the magma snake form but that might not work unless.”

“Unless what.”

“Your fire form that could protect because you could ride me for added speed.”

“Ok but why do I have to switch to fire aspect.”

“Because I am made of lava when I am in magma snake form”

“Ok then lets switch.” With that they switched into their forms Shelby was made of fire and Flamoto morphed into a huge snake 20ft long with no solid form it was simply a mass of lava that moved Shelby jumped onto the only solid part the head and about 3ft of stone along the back Shelby kept her balance as the huge snake shot off towards the doppelganger. Shelby spun round and kicked the thing in the face and with the momentum she jumped off and let out a fury of punches and kicks the creature was launched off its feet as Shelby created a fire explosion that ripped away all the creatures armour only leaving a Shelby copy. The original crushed it with a jump and a fire ball that incinerated the copy like it was a dry twig then hundreds appeared

“How am I supposed to beat myself” cried Shelby as she fell to her knees one creature stepped forward as the rest crumbled into ash

“Exactly.” Said the clone as it grew into a fully grown woman with fiery red hair draped in gold armour and a cloak of flames “your test wasn’t a test of strength but one of realisation”

“I had to see I couldn’t beat myself no one can defeat themselves”

“But you did. you have control over yourself that no other person has shown in this test before and with that in mind I grant you the powers of evolution” Shelby was wrapped in flames and when they cleared she was on her dragons now armoured back in Flamoto’s eyes there was a flame. Shelby was in glorious gold armour with a ruby studded on the chest and a cloak of flames that fell over her shoulders and touched the floor her left forearm was burning the armour moved and showed her the mark that appeared on her arm it was pulsating red and shaped like flames she poured energy into it and it wrapped her arm in flames that shot of “go now my soldier” said the woman and with that there was a blinding light and she was back in her room


At the same time everyone else’s test was going on and we now join Kiaya in her test just as she began it


Kiaya found herself wondering through the town in Workington when a spider as large as their building crushed the sports direct store and spat venom that melted the shoe shop behind Kiaya. Kiaya ran as a ball of floating lightning floated by her head and spoke in the voice of her dragon “Kiaya this is your test.”

“Nice to....”she swore but it was drowned out by the sound of a building collapsing it “...know.”

“Mind your mouth and knight up.” Kiaya did as she was told and entered knight form “now fight it.”

“are you kidding me!?” she pulled out the lightning rod and shot five lightning orbs into the spiders gaping mouth the creature exploded into thousands of little spiders they surrounded Kiaya in a instant she cursed again took a deep breath and screamed “I HATE ?!£$& SPIDERS!” she closed her eyes ‘there just spiders scalesite’s are bigger and uglier and a lot harder to squish’ she said to herself “I have an idea.”

“Go on.”

“Well if I calm myself let them cover me then thunder shock.....”

“we will shock them to cinders” so Kiaya stood there and against all her instincts let the spiders crawl up her they focused on one area and squashed together in one fluent movement they became a snake that coiled up her body it wrapped itself around her restricting her movement and her powers she summoned a spark but that was all it coiled around her neck

“Don’t move” it hissed “thisss will be painlesss”

“You don’t scare me.”

“Do I not?”

“No you don’t”

“Good it means you won’t sssstruggle I hate it when they sssstruggle.”

“I won’t need to struggle.”

“Why isss that?”

“Because a thunder knight needs to be as cunning as they are fast and this is your way of being cunning right.”

“Well yessss” the snake began a transformation it floated off Kiaya and shed its skin revealing a tall woman with golden hair and eyes to match. She was wearing armour that shone and gave off its own light studded with a large gem in the centre topaz like Kiaya’s “so you faced two fears and proved your cunning that is an A plus.” her voice was angelic

“What do you mean an A plus?”

“I mean you passed the evolution test you too striker” striker took the form of her true dragon but now she was armoured she inclined her head she also had a pair of curved horns that had sparks flying between the tips

“Oh thank you thank you thank you” striker pleaded

“You deserve it. Now Kiaya summon your armour.” She bowed and followed the instruction but instead of her usual armour there was a gold knight with a topaz on her chest and a yellow cloak that trailed along the floor and had electricity flowing through it “go know my knight with a mind as fast as lightning” with that there was a flash and she was in her room.


Next we join Ryan facing a task that could if he fails wipe out the world

We meet up with him in an opposite dimension on the brink of destruction trapped in darkness

“Jack Kiaya Shelby” he called “ANYONE!?”There was no response ‘I’m alone then’ he thought just then a small ball of brown light flew towards him it circled him then spoke

“Hey Ry” crusher said eagerly

“Crusher is that you?” he enquired

“Yup in the......”he commented “Well I can’t say flesh”

“Can you tell me where we are?” Ryan laughed                          

“Your guess is as good as mine” suddenly out of nowhere a single scream pierced the darkness light filled the space and in front of him was a golden dragon

“I am god I created the world you live in with a heart of fire.” It roared with a voice of millions speaking at once and might that made Ryan’s very soul shake “But darkness quench’s my creations heart and only your power can heal my creation.”

“Why me?”Ryan quivered “why not the power of another”

“It is your destiny to save my creation and your sacrifice will earn the earth and all who dwell there a light that will pierce every shadow the world over.” God said in his voice that was also the voice of millions

“Then I shall give you my powers if for my sacrifice you tell me all I ask and give me one wish”

“Very well repeat after me ‘by the will of my own. My power I give to the name unknown. I will return my powers to he who granted them. I give my strength to.....” the last word cannot be written or the author will be destroyed for betraying the trust of god (I’m sure you don’t want that at this point in the story) but at its mention the strength power memories and soul of every man woman and child on earth flowed through  Ryan’s mind and out again he shivered knowing the power of this word and what it could do he began “by the will of my own...” as he spoke he began to feel the presence of power that floats with all knights slowly dim and float away “... my power I give to the name unknown I will return my powers to he who granted them. I give my strength to ....................”He paused and for several seconds the name unwritten tingling the tip of his tongue. With a deep breath and his power almost fully depleted he spoke the name

Ryan’s strength now failed him he collapsed floating there his dragon the shimmering orb of him faded and with crusher’s last ounce of strength he whispered

“I will return to you no matter what” and his light faded into nothingness tears welled in Ryan’s eyes but he controlled them. He rose to his feet looked at god straight in his shimmering eyes that had the image of the earth forever trapped there  his golden scales shimmering with a new found light. The world seemed more beautiful than ever glimmering with a glowing radiance god stared back and spoke.

“This is the greatest sacrifice anyone can perform as when your power is gone your dragon is returned to the passage of light.”

“I gave you my power and you gave me your word I want my dragon and powers returned to me.” He yelled at god now I’m sure many a man has yelled at god but never to his face

“For your willingness to save my creation I will reward you I am the one eternal power. I give to you the power of the earth for thy is truly worthy” god spoke his own name causing an implosion on Ryan he felt that presence return but now it was stronger a golden light  shone  in  front  of  him  it  broke  down  and  there standing  in  gods  place  was  crusher  with  armoured  shoulders  and  legs  a  helmet  with  three  spikes  as  sharp  as  knives  protruding  from  it . Gold plates running down his spine and a pair of wings thin and leathery sprouting from his shoulder blades he had two pairs of legs and a pair of arms in one he carried a hammer and in the other was a gold shield covered in spikes. All in all crusher looked like a scaled centaur with a dragons head. Ryan’s armour grew up around him it was gold now and had his gem studded in its breastplate he had a cloak of spiralling sand Ryan ran and jumped he flew onto the top of his dragons elegantly armoured head and sat between the spike’s

“I’ve always wanted to do this. CHARGE!” he yelled crusher lifted his head and roared dipped his torso into line with his waist and ran with his hammer and shield strapped to his back he used his arms as a third pair of legs and they rode off. The dragon who claimed he was god faded and shrank into a man old and withered wearing similar armour to Ryan

“Ride on my knight of the earth ride on” he whispered with that the dream faded Ryan was left lying in bed with a mark on his palm shaped like the earth

We leave Ryan sleeping peacefully we move on to Andrew well we met god now we meet the devil


Andrew awoke to an intense heat there was fire all around him and the smell of charcoal and brimstone he felt a cool pass over him as a floating ball of water floated close to him.

“Andrew it’s me Aquos.” Called the blue bubble

“Aquos? Where are we?” Andrew asked he sat up and summoned his powers but it wouldn’t come he tried again a small trickle of water formed but immediately evaporated.

“Hell” grunted a voice it was echoing around the cavern of ‘hell’ the flames died down revealing a throne made from skulls bones and in some places decaying flesh on it sat a dragon black as night and slightly humanoid it had tiny beady eyes that were black where they were supposed to be white and red where they were supposed to be black it opened its mouth revealing hundreds if not thousands of rows of teeth and on it pieces of meat and on several impaled people still moaning “and before you ask I am the devil as you  mortals so put it” at that point Andrew almost collapsed “ and I wish to make you an offer”

“What type of offer?” he questioned cautiously

“I will grant you all my power for one itty bitty little favour.”

“Well what is this itty bitty favour?”

“I need a new host that’s all.”

“Oh according to all my story books a host is a body for a soul to live in.”
“Very smart well we both win you get my power I get your body.”

“And if I refuse.”

“Then you will be pulled down here for eternity!” Andrew swallowed hard if he agreed he could do whatever he wanted but at what cost maybe he could overpower this thing that claimed to be the devil but what if its powers were stronger than his according to the books if he gave him his body he can travel to earth

“Well I ......” he paused “refuse”

“Refuse?”it questioned “REFUSE!” the devil thing was now screaming it stood its tail stretching on for miles was revealed the creature morphed into a giant centipede with gargantuan teeth then it morphed again into a huge wolf with blood red fur thousands of claws on each of its multiplying arms each time it breathed more arms grew it bent down “this is the power I give you and much, much more enough power to destroy god’s! Do you still refuse?”

“ yes I still refuse” flames erupted out of Andrew but he stayed calm he began hearing hundreds of thousands of voices echoing a single mournful scream through his mind but still he stood there burning and being pushed to the edge of his sanity he still refused then he felt his very life begin to be sucked out of him his dragon had taken his regular physical form and roared at the wolf devil thing now with over one thousand arms knelt down and bit hard into Aquos’ neck but instead of causing any damage he simply passed right through it Andrew and Aquos opened there mouths and in unison they roared

“YOU WILL NEVER TAKE US AND WE WILL NOT COWER LIKE MANY HAVE BEFORE US BECAUSE WE ARE NOT AFRAID!” This proclamation seemed to cause the devil physical pain Andrew flared his hands open and his blaster appeared he aimed it at the devils head and poured almost all of his power into it then like a rocket it erupted and instead of water it was pure energy from the air he pulled water and it became a whirl pool the wolf was slowly sucked in then when the wolf was in the centre Andrew tightened one hand into a fist and the water froze leaving the wolf in mid howl with bubbles floating out of his mouth forever trapping the howl of the dark lord as Andrew began to wonder how they were going to escape Aquos suddenly lit up  surrounded by light he changed and morphed now he had a pair of thin sea blue wings and golden armour covering its spine and head along the neck was a pair of gills. The wolf shrank down and standing there was a tall man with sapphire studded into the chest of his golden armour. Andrew’s sight was filled with light and he too was wearing the same armour. With a wave of the tall man’s hand the ice disappeared.

“Well done.” The man devil wolf thing commented “a little over done with the attack” he moaned unconsciously rubbing his head but other than that you pass.”

“Let me guess this is our evolution”


“And we pass”


“So we are allowed to take part in the tournament”

“Will you stop asking obvious questions?”

“Ok but I’m allowed right”

“If your team passes’”

“Yeah get in” he did a awkward little dance in his armour which he continued doing in his sleep as we leave him sleep dancing we meet Jack 

Jack was in a field surrounded by fog with a single green light floating next to him.

“Jack we are about to face the lord of the air tests” Elementos whispered rapidly as the fog cleared and a man in golden armour and emerald studded in the chest plate appeared.

“Welcome Jack Tornaous.” The man said his hair was an emerald green like his eyes “to the air realm”

“Thank you......” he paused “...... um what is my test supposed?” he enquired

“All in good time all in good time would you like to see how your friends have done?” it wasn’t so much a question but an order. The fog reappeared but now only a floating ring of it in the middle of it Shelby’s test was shown like on a TV screen after showing hers it showed Kiaya’s Ryan’s and Andrew’s “ As  you can see they all passed now it’s your turn your test is to defeat all your team mates”

“You what?”

“Defeat your friends you will awake and challenge them one by one to a duel you can hide it if you want but you must win now I will let you go defeat them at all cost’s”

“Very well” he yielded now he began to think of ways to conceal his lack of increased power he was pulled back into a light he was back in his room one hand on his sword the other holding a scalesite by the throat above him. “Well that’s not what I wanted to see first thing in the morning

The End

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