consider us even

Chapter 3: consider us even.

Jack flew to the portal in case more scalene were hanging around he landed outside the portal and walked to the equipment store there at the front desk was Brian

“Hey Brian” shouted jack

“Yeah.” He shouted back beginning to walk “Oh it’s you I’m sorry I didn’t catch your name earlier.”

“Jack. Jack Tournaus and the girl was Kiaya Strizone.”

“Ok so what do you need Jack?”


“Ah you’ve come to the right place my friend.”

“Good good. I need four of these.” he tossed him the extractor

“Ah the claw rip five thousand. Very nice and since your girlfriend.....”

“She’s not my girlfriend!!”Interrupted Jack

“......can already extract Darkus I’ll throw in a new weapon. So all together it’s gonna cost you......”

“Hold up! We saved your life and your gonna charge me!”

“Let me finish! Nothing except calling us even.”


“Ok I’m guessing that Kiaya is a thunder knight so that grapple could really pack a punch. I think we should give her.....hmm ......a lightning rod.”

“Which is?”

“This” he said pulling what looked like a thin gun with a long barrel on closer inspection jack found that the handle and trigger where rubber coated and that there was no hole for a bullet at the end of the barrel “Kim show him what it does.” A girl about thirteen or fourteen with brown hair and purple highlights wearing a apron and her hair tied up walked out from behind a net curtain “she’s a lightning knight like your friend she’ll take you to the back to teach you how it works the two of them walked back to the net curtains into large room with crash test dummies and targets around the room Kim took the rod of jack.

“ok it works like this” she said “pull the trigger to send a charge down rod and hit something to send the charge into whatever you hit.” she demonstrated whacking a dummy in the stomach it lurched forward realistically “to let a charge fly you turn this dial” she said pointing to a dial on the handle above her thumb she the shot a target with a lightning orb from the end “another mode is the long shock as I call it.” she turned the dial again to a different setting and shot a continuous beam of electricity at yet another dummy. “You got it?”

“I got it” with that he walked back to the front desk collected the extractors and just before he left ear shot whispered “consider us even.”


On the way back jack ran into Connor and his team rose smiled but the others surrounded him

“Nice moves at school.” Sneered Shane

“Yeah who’s your teacher” called Nathan

“Guys don’t make me hurt you.” Responded Jack as the familiar feeling crept over him

“Don’t make me hurt you.” mimicked Connor “don’t make me laugh more like it.”

“Ten nine eight seven six five four.........”began jack they all started laughing while rose got her armour on.”.......three two one I warned you.” Jack was storing energy as he was counting he then released a blade of air not power full enough to tear clothes or skin but enough to send them a good five metres away jack then went knight and flew home he landed on the balcony checked the time and walked in Kiaya was watching cartoons as jack walked in she turned her head


“Hey. Go get everyone while I set something up in my room.” he walked into his room as Kiaya ran off. He slid the desk out turned on the computer screen made a new file called scalesite info and documented everything he learned. When he had saved it the team walked in

“You called.” Shelby joked and bowed

“Yes I did because I got more extractors Kiaya you get this” he explained tossing the rod to Kiaya and handing out the extractors “Kiaya beach ten minutes. Ok let’s see we need to set the team priorities I vote scalesite extermination.”

“I second that motion.” said Shelby

“Me too.” Said Andrew

“Me three.” Said Ryan

“Motion carried.” Jack called “I just wish I had a hammer to bang.” the group laughed “ok any messages? No ok then dismissed.” every one left jack opened the skylight and flew to the beach in a steep dive


Nine minutes later Kiaya was on the beach the rod in her hand jack was teaching her how to use it when a group of thirty scalesite’s came round the corner of their building

“Guys get down here and bring the extractors.” Jack whispered into the communicator it was too late the scalesite’s surrounded them just as Connor’s team had “Kiaya shock your way through this could get dangerous.”

“Exactly that’s why I’m staying here!” she yelled over the clicks of the scalesite’s “I have an idea Jack you go dragon I get on your back and we blast through.”

“Good idea Dragone morphone!”The transformation was different this time he felt his legs and arms dissolve when the wings burst out of his back and his tail erupt from his body there were no new legs or arms instead he had a claw on the end of his tail.

“That’s new.”Kiaya yelled over the roar of jack’s wings she swung herself over jack’s neck and held on for dear life as he span round knocking the scalesite’s over. Jack’s tail stabbed a scalene in the eye taking out the Darkus the others had arrived and were firing there claws like machine guns while Shelby kept the scalesite’s back like a lion tamer whipping any that got to close Jack dropped Kiaya a metre of the ground and went knight still soaring through the air he took his extractor of Ryan who was holding it in the air for him and started blasting he felt magic well up in him like a volcano but it felt different it felt happy excited every good emotion ever he let it erupt from him the scalesite's became dust and then the dust floated up taking human form. Darkus was scattered on the ground like marbles he landed with the rest of his team as the thirty or so people came to thank them.


After hearing the word’s thank you so many times they were sick of it they were allowed to go home after collecting the Darkus and placing them in the liquid Shelby asked the question they were all thinking.

“What the hell was that?”

“I don’t know.” Answered Jack

“You don’t know, you wiped out an entire beach of scalene and you don’t know!” Yelled Ryan from the kitchen

“Exactly at school on Monday I’ll ask.”

“Ok I trust were happy then.” Responded Kiaya

“Dinner’s ready in half an hour. Pork chops.” Called Ryan trying to change the subject.

“Jack you got to see this program I got.” Andrew called after reviewing the information on Jacks computer. Jack walked in to see a 3d projection of a scalene standing in mid air “ok here’s the deal we know three things about the scalene that could help us. One the eye on its chest is a weak spot as its not armoured and the Darkus is right behind it” the image of the scalene was changed to an x ray with a pulsating purple dot in the middle “another weakness is the neck where the armour weaker so they can move their necks unfortunately that kills the human as well as the scalene. The third weakness is that move you used on them I ran it through an online database and found this.” The hologram shut down and internet explorer window took its place on the screen was a diagram  




“The way I see it the five colours represent the five elements the lighter shades purer form and the white is light the purest of the pure that’s the type of move you used.”

“But according to the information I would have to have used all five elements at once and I can’t use any other element except air.”

“That may be true but even a normal human can use magic.” Said draconian who appeared from nowhere. “if their hearts are pure they use the purest of magic known simply as the light of magic only a handful of people can use it and only six can control it the element lords and the king of dragons.”

“Ok so I used the light which means.”

“Which means that if you learn to control it or at least enter the purer form?” started draconian

“Then I could wipe out Anubyus with the swish of my hand. I mean if that blast wiped out a beach of scalene then a focused version could cut a hole in his chest where his heart should be.”

“Jack three things one it takes five people to wipe out a beach of scalene two Anubyus’ lair is more hidden then the castle of dragons and that castle’s position is known by only about a hundred people and three even if you could destroy him his soul is so evil that even after the body dies the soul will take another body devouring the soul that’s in that body to feed its strength.”

“sir first I did wipe out a beach of scalene two the lair must be somewhere near if he has turned that many people into scalene in one area that it must be close and three his soul can be destroyed if he takes a body with a strong soul.”

“One I highly doubt that you took out thirty scalene by yourself. Two true you do have a point there and three he would purposely go for the feeble minded.”

“May I make a suggestion?”Asked Andrew

“WHAT!!” shouted draconian and jack together

“Well you may want to look at the Darkus in the tub.” He said pointing to the bubbling liquid the Darkus were merging into a single black orb floating in the middle of the jar

“That’s strange.” whispered Draconian “it looks like an egg to me.”

“Me too” commented Andrew

“its cracking!” jack yelled a crack spread as the shell flaked away and a head poked out it was close to a scalene black with red eyes and instead of spikes down its back it had bat like wings and a spiked tail that swished like dogs it was the size of a new born baby it began to struggle in the water “Do you know what that thing is?”

“My guess is that thing is a scalene that has not taken a human body but has its own body the venom that turns you into a scalene must of gathered and used the magic to fuel the transformation of the Darkus into that thing.”

“I think we should name it.” Commented Andrew

“Wingsite there like scalesite except the wings and the scales on the back of scalesite.” Explained Jack

“Jack when you used the light of magic how did you feel?” asked Andrew

“Calm determined and happy.” he answered

“Well when we use magic we get the same feeling each time so if you feel those emotions again you may be able to use the light.”

“Good idea. Ok I’ll try.” he focused he was calm and determined to learn how to control it and was happy that he was a knight and that’s when it happened he got the same feeling of magic welling up in him he directed it just before he released it and instead of a surge of energy the energy was focused into a sword it was majestic the handle was gold and had the engraving of two dragons spiralling around it and biting each other’s neck’s. The blade was diamond with a rippled edge and a single gold strip in the centre running from hilt to tip

“Oh my god that is the dragons light sabre it’s just a myth only a pure light lord can see it in their imagination of it let alone summon it.jack you have created what no one else could.” breathed draconian the blade had him awestruck as jack twirled it in the air above his head whipping up a tornado of light that seemed to scare the baby Wingsite as it crawled out of the liquid and made for the window jack then swung the blade and hit the creature square between the eyes it disintegrated into nothing as the tip touched all that was left was a huge Darkus the size of a football jack brought the sword down and it shattered into a large black uncut crystal that quickly shot east out the window towards the sea at least a hundred miles away it dropped and fell deep into the ocean “Jack we must keep this a secret or you may become the air lord and well unless they gain light powers then you will be split up and there memory and powers erased.”

“Its settled then” said Andrew joyfully clapping his hands “the emonta Zoldior’z will become the brire Zoldior’z”

“Brire” questioned jack

“Light soldiers”

Ok then let’s just relax for now.”

“Dinners ready” called Ryan from the kitchen


After eating there fill and emailing their parents about their ‘Paris trip’ they all met in jack’s room for a debriefing

“on Monday” jack began we will talk to the teachers about my new powers till then you should try to learn the pure magic you know how you feel the same emotions each time you use magic well you must be happy calm and determined to use pure magic”

“light magic must be harder than it looks” commented Kiaya “But I’ll try” she closed her eyes and focused she was happy to be here determined to please her mates and calm light flooded from her as it built up she released it and it flooded the room no one was hurt but everyone was blinded for a minute but their vision returned “That was easy”

“Ok you should practise I’m gonna go down town”


With that he teleported to the fountain in the middle of Drasonay the weapon shop stood out jack walked in and admired the armour in the window it was scaled but thin the description said it was similar to that of the Komodo dragon almost impregnable except to a perfectly angled attack

“Can I help you” asked an old man he looked familiar “oh you’re the nice young man who freed me from being a scalene if your here for armour you’re in the right place I’ll give you ten thousand shards in credit.”

“Thank you what’s your name any way.”

“Drake liquidess”

“Thank you Drake. How much is it for five of these?”

“Five thousand”

“I’ll take them one in each element and a sheathe for this” he said summoning his sabre Drake almost fainted at the sight of it

“You must be extremely powerful my lord”

“I’m not your lord I am your friend and a fourteen year old boy”

“But not even the king can summon it you are more powerful than him so I am your servant” he said bowing

“Shhhhhhhh my friends haven’t learned how to use light magic yet”

“Very well. My lord take whatever you want.”

“No. But I do have a request.”

“Yes my lord.”

“Ok two requests one STOP CALLING ME LORD! And two a sheathe for this and I intend to pay for it.”

“I insist it’s a present and it’s the least I can do for saving my life.”

“Ok its agreed.” whispered jack  Drake ran to the store room and came back with sheathe it was gold with a strip of the five element gems twisting up to meet at the tip “this sheathe belonged to the king of the dragons ten thousand years ago when the sword of light was forged”

“How much?”

“Nothing it’s a thank you present and take the armour as well”

“That’s very kind but I couldn’t but you insist so ok” Drake pulled five orbs out of the cupboard behind him and tossed them to jack. Jack took the sheathe and slid it onto his belt he slid the sword into the sheathe and there was a flash it lasted no more than a second but it was still noticeable half the store turned to  stare at the source. Jack would later come to call this implosion. Jack walked out of the store just as the dragon fountain came to life ad soared into the sky. The two dragons spiralled towards the ground. One leaving a trail of black light, the other leaving a trail of white light. A man wearing a dark suit standing where the dragon statue used to be called out.

“THE FESTIVAL OF SHADOWS!!!” as the trails of light mixed to give of a grey glow from the statue as it took its original position. Drake emerged from his store.

“Ah, the festival of shadows has started already has it?” Drake called over the loud music.

“What’s the festival of shadows?”

“The festival of shadows celebrates the union of light and darkness. It is a joyous time but it is also a time to be thankful as it celebrates the lord’s sacrifice ten thousand years ago”

“What was that sacrifice?”

“They gave up their lives to defend Drasonay and cripple Anubyus.


After the mayor made a speech and jack returned to the apartment, Ryan started making dinner.

“What you making tonight?” asked Shelby.

“Spaghetti Bolognese.” Replies Ryan

“What kind?”

“Meat.” he answered with “crème burley”

“Ok everyone I got some presents.” Jack called the other four came running to the living room to see jack preparing a set of orbs he tossed one to each of them. Once the orbs were in the focusers the five of them activated the new features and had a shock as there dragons encircled them and dived at the focusers jack passed a mirror to them and one by one they checked their appearance Kiaya took off her helmet and straightened her hair. Shelby did the same jack stared at her as she swung her beautiful blond hair he was entranced like a small child when lightning struck and he wasn’t the only one Ryan was staring wide eyed at her jack kicked him in the leg

“careful you were drooling there” he whispered Ryan snapped out of it and ran to the kitchen to finish dinner forgetting to remove his armour Jack kicked him in the leg again “armour” he put it away everyone thanked jack again and after dinner relaxed but not for long

The peace was broken by an explosion on the beach that came from a tall black gargoyle that was large enough to crush their building under a single toe and it was heading straight for them

“Ok we got to do something” Jack yelled over the aftershock that rumbled the building

“Righto” said Ryan casually turning off the oven and turning on his armour in a single movement

“On it” called Kiaya and Shelby together they to armouring up Andrew armoured up and grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge

“What the hell were battling a five hundred foot gargoyle not running a race?” Jack shouted when he noticed the bottles

“you’ll see” he yelled back jack to armoured up and noticed something on Kiaya’s armour they were wings!

“Kiaya tense your back” he yelled she followed the order and the wings on her back spread open she suddenly became aware of them as she began to flap them at an alarming rate she floated of the ground and into the air she pulled out her lightning rod and flew out of a open window followed by jack he drew the sword of light and sliced the creature it staggered but it was still standing Andrew shot his cannon at full strength but the creature kept on walking towards them Kiaya zapped it and it twitched and screamed but still kept walking Ryan began to give of a brown light and the balcony was ripped from the wall and was flying through the air towards the creature he pulled out his hammer and it grew larger and larger he brought it down on the creatures head it covered them all in blue blood but it still kept coming Shelby set on fire and launched at the creature she smashed into its head setting it alight but still it came then jack remembered the diagram all five elements had to join to make pure magic “everyone stop and focus your magic”

“Why?”Called Andrew over the roar of the monster that stood before them

“Were going to light blast It.” he answered Ryan put the balcony back and they charged there magic “I’ll control it you give it all you got.” The beams of magic shot into the air and spiralled the sight reminded Jack of his sheathe the magic merged in the air making a cone of white magic Jack’s sword lunged him to the centre and shot out of the sheathe the cone changed to a blade that attached itself to his sword the giant blade was lighter than air he tore through the creature like butter the creature then imploded and there in the centre was a glowing mass of energy it shot towards them but passed through them  The team was exhausted and when they got home Kiaya collapsed Jack got a call on the communicator in his watch it was an unrecognised number he picked up


“Hello is this Jack Tournaus?” asked a female voice

“Yes it is who this is.”

“Could you please put me on speaker?”

“Ok then” he followed the instruction

“Hello are you the emonta Zoldior’z” asked the unknown woman

“Yes” they said together

“Good you have been invited to enter the lord tests, well, at least after you evolve”

“Evolve?” commented Ryan

“Yes evolution is the process were the pseudo dragons that belong to you become real dragons I must go other teams passed the preliminaries” then the woman hung up 

“Looks like were gonna have to get info on evolution” said Kiaya

“Tomorrow tonight we have to rest it was a hard day today” yawned Jack

“I agree that was a lot of magic we used” confirmed Andrew

“Ryan’s already asleep” giggled Shelby. Ryan snorted and they all broke out laughing

“I’ll wake him up.” Suggested Kiaya

“Let him sleep I’ll cook tea.” Said Andrew

“NO I’ve seen you cook in school I’ll order pizza” shouted Jack

“I’m not that bad.” Complained Andrew

“You almost killed a teacher with your cooking.” Contradicted Jack

“Granted but it was because he was allergic to cinnamon.”

“Yeah who puts cinnamon in salmon fillets?” They all burst out laughing except Andrew who sulked on the sofa. Jack reached for the phone when Draconian burst in the front door

“Jack it was just announced the preliminaries of the lord tournament were held secretly this year the targets were attacked by a gargosite

“We know.” They said in unison Ryan grunted still asleep as if to say we know and be quiet 

“How only teachers and participators were informed granted it was secret so it was after the gargosites were defeated but still..........”he whispered in rushed tones “ were entered”

“Well we did summon the sword of light then superpower it with our own light powers I think we were gonna be snapped up sooner or later” Kiaya whispered back

“True but still your only fourteen year olds if you win then you’re the youngest lords in history” he responded surprised “holds on super powered it?”

“We will explain later at school but first what’s evolution?”Andrew asked quizzically

“good question well your dragons aren’t dragons yet they need to go through...... well........puberty if you think about it but when they do you do but not like growing up just proving you and your dragon are ready for the power you are about to get.” he explained quickly gasping at the end “got to go my powers running low” He then just disappeared

“Well were slightly further in the info but still nothing major” Jack said frowning

“Think this way if we win we become the ultimate authority” contemplated Andrew

“Yeah good point well lets sleep on it after pizza” Jack responded quietly

After ordering pizza and getting changed they all went to bed but that night their dreams weren’t as peaceful as they should be........

The End

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