synthesis shards and sabres

Chapter 2: Synthesis, Shards and Sabres


After fifty minutes of vowels in Dragon and English it was finally time for synthesis class


“Why hello class it’s time for synthesis” said a tall dark haired woman in a purple shawl and silver dress that covered her feet in a mystic voice “who knows what synthesis is?” a few hands shot up “yes you there” she pointed to Nathan

“Synthesis is a technique in which you bond two or more crystal dust to make a new crystal” said Nathan smugly

“Correct now today I will supply you with ingredients and tools but on your visit to town I expect you to collect your own” she took out five large jars and thirty six machines that looked like calculators with an indent in the screen

“come collect a dash of each ingredient and a synthesizer (each person followed the instructions) and placed them on the tables now take a pinch of brown dust and a pinch of yellow dust place it in the indent and hit the synthesize button” the class followed the instructions the dust span in the air and turned red then the particles crashed into each other and became a ruby crystal that landed in the indent “now to return it to base forms hit the de-synthesis button” the class followed but instead of brown and yellow the dust was red

“Wow this is cool”

“Cool can't describe what synthesis you can do you could create a crystal to destroy the earth or to save it seal a monster or steal a kiss from a person you like” contradicted Mrs Ture


After many explosions and plenty of failed attempts and on one almost successful area were Kiaya was accidently teleported outside the window from making a teleport crystal the class came to an end Jack checked the time table

“Lang practical” Jack yawned sleepily


After a Quick teleportation to the language classroom they tried to get the pronunciation right and conjured up some very strange things the lesson ended into a veterinarian class


“Ok I’m Mr Dranion” chortled a small man wearing a loose jacket and tough looking boots “And I’m here to teach you to look after your dragon first things first to release your dragon’s stroke your crystal and say avak tae dragone” the class followed the instructions and beams of light shot into the air and a shimmer of red, blue, brown, yellow and green soared towards them and dragons landed in front of them “now I want you to divide into your teams and call the name of your dragons.”

“What if you haven’t named them yet?” asked Jack

“Then say oyu namek then what ever you want to name it” answered Dranion they thought for a moment

“Oyu namek di Elementos.” Yelled Jack

“Oyu namek di Flamoto.” Yelled Shelby

“Oyu namek di Aquos.” Yelled Andrew

“Oyu namek di Striker.” Yelled Kiaya

“Oyu namek di Crusher.” Yelled Ryan

“Elementos!” an emerald green dragon asked “is that my name Jack?”

“Whoa!” exclaimed Jack “you can talk?”

“Crusher my name?” asked a brown dragon

“I would be right if I assumed I was Aquos?” asked the shimmering silvery blue dragon.

“Shelby right” asked the small ruby red dragon whose vivid red eyes were fixed on Shelby’s deep blue eyes “I’m Flamoto”

“I’m striker then.” said the yellow dragon. Striker flicked its tongue out and jack saw sparks as it shot back in.

“How did you come to a name like that jack that was the name of the first dragon lord?”

“I don’t know element in dragon”


After learning how to groom a dragons scales it finally was time to go home Draconian met them at the portal

“You will be living in the apartment the school has provided” said Draconian “I’ve already made the excuse to your parents and….”

“What did you just say A apartment as in one apartment for our team” interrupted Kiaya

“I was getting to that before you interrupted me it has five bedrooms two bathrooms a kitchen and a living room I’ve got your possessions and there in your apartment” he said crossly “oh your keys” he pulled out five jewel incrusted rings with the same engraving in each ring they each took one and walked through the portal back to town with the tinkling fountain and the weapon shop

“So where’s the bank?” asked Jack

“Down the road.” Answered Draconian pointing to an A.T.M just down the road they walked up to it and saw it had a crevice in Draconian took of his ring and placed it in the A.T.M he then tapped the screen and selected five thousand shards five chunks of diamond each the same size of jacks fingernail dropped down to the tray below. Draconian handed them one piece and took his ring out of the crevice and but it back on.

“Spend it wisely.” He joked “meet me at that portal at four o’clock.” He said pointing at a portal


Jack ran straight to the synthesis shop to get his team some equipment while Kiaya and Shelby went to look at the dresses in a clothes shop and Andrew and Ryan went to the sports shop. In the shop he bought five starter kits (a synthesizer and two vials of each element) for two hundred and fifty shards. Then he went to the weapon shop and bought sword polish (five shards) and a shrink sheathe which was a clip witch shrinks the blade to the size of his middle finger (two hundred shards)


At four they met were Draconian had pointed to and jack handed them there kits. They walked through the portal and found themselves on a deserted beach with a mile tall building

“That’s you on the top floor” said draconian pointing to the very top


They took an elevator to their floor draconian took the ring from Jack and pressed it against the only door on the floor it opened into a huge living room the size of jacks house with a kitchen at one end and three sofas and a exceedingly large TV at the other end there were a pair of French doors that led to a balcony. There were seven doors in total two ordinary doors and the five other ranged in colour

“Match the door with your element” Draconian said they walked to their corresponding doors and walked through them inside Jacks room there were emerald green walls a large window giving a spectacular view of the beach below a double bed a bed side table with a remote with five on buttons and a slider to select a modes and a lamp on it also a large mahogany wardrobe he walked out gob smacked at the sheer size of the apartment. Jack looked at Draconian sitting on the sofa watching an episode of the Simpson’s Ryan was sticking his head in the fridge trying to find something with Shelby and Kiaya giggling at a magazine he went to find Andrew in his room and he was setting up a PS3

“Are you loaded or some it” asked Jack

“Huh.” Responded Andrew “nah I'm just lucky enough to have some cash”

“Is that the new left 4 dead game” jack asked

“Yeah” answered Andrew “you want a go on co op mode”

“Oh yeah”


So after two hours of zombies tearing each other apart they gave their eyes a rest and sat down for tea Ryan was cooking and surprisingly the tuna pasta bake was delicious

“Where did you learn to cook like that?” asked jack as he cleaned the plates after

“You pick up a few things” Ryan answered


At eight o’clock the sun started to set so jack went out onto the balcony and climbed up a drain pipe to the roof and lay there watching the sun set into the horizon the doors opened below him and Shelby walked out onto the balcony she leaned against the railings Jack jumped onto the balcony and Shelby jumped

“Where the hell did you come from!?” yelled Shelby

“Roof” he said pointing to the roof “I think you would have known that”

“Never mind” she paused “sun sets over the beach are beautiful”

“Yeah it’s really beautiful” then there was a silence jack was about to climb on to the roof again

“How’s the view up there?” she asked

“The view’s great”

“Can you help me up?”

“I got a better idea” he transformed into knight form “hold on tight” he grabbed her wrist and jumped of the balcony spread his wings and soared through the air. Shelby dangling below him he flew over the roof they landed and lay down on the roof


Near nine o’clock they jumped down to the balcony and went to their rooms Jack got changed into his night clothes and jumped into bed plucking the remote of the table time to see what these buttons do he slid the slider to the top and pressed the first on button the lights turned off he pressed it again and they turned on he set it to the second setting and pressed the second button the wall slid open revealing a TV he switched modes and turned on the third button and a skylight on the roof opened to reveal the stars he closed the roof and tried the next button five hatches opened and shelves came out he put them away and on the fifth button a full work station slid out of the wall with two computer screens a fully loaded desk tidy and not to mention the high tech equipment a gun a large canister of a bubbling white liquid he looked carefully at the gun he pulled the trigger and a large claw shot out twisted and came back in. he put it down turned round and went to bed.


At ten past seven jack was awoken by a ray of light that washed over his eyes he sat up got dressed and went into the living room Kiaya had turned on the TV and was fighting over the remote with Ryan. Jack grabbed it and it tugged from both of them while they were of guard and flicked on a cartoon then went to wake up Andrew and Shelby he opened the door to Andrews room and kicked the door of the blue wardrobe producing a rather large bang he did the same in Shelby’s room waking both up with a start ten minutes later they were all dressed and sitting down at the table waiting for Ryan to finish break fast

“Sorry no eggs.” Said Ryan “could some of you go grab me some”

“Yeah I’ll go” jack yawned “what are you making any way”

“Pancakes” answered Ryan

“Can I go with you?” asked Kiaya “I usually do some exercise before breakfast”

“Whatever as long as you’re not doing push ups every ten seconds” every one giggled so eventually they set out. The local Tesco was easy to find they bought some eggs and on the way back they started talking

“So how did you get your focuser?” asked Jack?

“huh oh I found the gem in a burnt tree trunk and had it made into a bracelet I think that that tree was hit by lightning that’s why it’s well thunder” she answered “how about you?”

“Birthday present” he answered a black and red blur shot out from some bushes “Did you see that?

“See what?” it stopped moving a pitch black monster with red spikes on its arms and a large eye on its chest with a black slit instead of a pupil. Jack and Kiaya drew their weapons jack went into knight form the creature looked at the visor covering jacks eyes as if he could see the emerald green glowing from the magic he was about to use and with motion of his hand a focused blade of air sliced the creature across the stomach colourful sparks bounced off the skin jack then drew his blade and held the creature by the throat against a wall

“Kiaya!” he yelled over the screams of the creature “GRAPPLE THE EYE!” Kiaya shot the claw of the grappling hook at the eye on its chest the creature burst and left behind a dust that swirled in the air and black marble in the claw Kiaya pulled back the hook and observed the marble while jack checked out the dust it moved together in the ruff shape of a person then joined together. Jack looked at the man who the dust had formed he had fainted jack found a license. Brian O’Connell it read. The man stirred and woke up jack handed him his license

“Brian are you ok?” jack asked

“I just was freed from Darkus control” he answered sarcastically “how do you think I’m feeling.”

“You’re ok then” Joked Kiaya “I take it that this is Darkus then”

“Get that thing away from me. Hold on how did you to squirts transform me back?”

“We attacked the eye on your chest” answered jack

“What where you anyway?”

“You don’t know anything do you.” he responded

“Careful or we’ll put this back in you.” Kiaya threatened

“Please don’t” he whimpered “I was a scalesite. And before you ask what a scalesite is it’s an evil being whose been made from Darkus a dark control crystal from the evil lord’s soul.”

“The evil lord’s name is……….”asked Kiaya

“Anubyus” interrupted jack

“Don’t know what a scalesite is but you know his name.”

“I also know stuff I haven’t been thought”

“At school I would ask your dragon’s history teacher about it” whispered Brian “thanks for saving my life what’s your team’s name any way?”

“Emonta Zoldior’z”

“Well emonta Zoldior’z I owe you one if you need me I own the equipment shop.” with that he pulled out a pocket watch and was gone.

“we best get home” she said” I’ll race you” so Kiaya won the race home then again fast as lightning does have its advantages thought jack after breakfast jack and Kiaya explained what they learned to the rest of the team. Ryan gasped at them in sheer awe

“Let me see that Darkus?” asked Andrew Kiaya passed him her grappling hook he stared into the swirling darkness and tried to touch it but jack stopped him

“Weren’t you listening you don’t want to become a scalesite or would you like Kiaya to rip out your Darkus” the claw on Kiaya’s hook flexed with anticipation jack rang Draconian and he was there in a flash

“Get that Darkus into the tub in your room jack!” jack did he came back holding the claw gun

“Andrew catch” he tossed the gun and Andrew caught it and started to look at the trigger and barrel he plucked a grape from the fruit bowl on the table through it into the air and shot it the claw grabbed it sucked it in Andrew slid back the top of the barrel like loading a pistol and inside was a canister with the grape inside he ejected the canister it looked like it could easily fit ten marbles in it.

“My guess is that this little beauty is an extractor” noted Andrew

“Educated guess Andrew” Ryan joked

“Ok let’s get things sorted out” jack commanded “draconian explain to everyone now.”

“Ok” Draconian began “Jacks explained what a scalesite is I’ll explain who Anubyus is ok I take it you have heard of the god of death Anubis right? (Every one nodded except Andrew) Anubis was an Egyptian dog headed god who controlled death. Any way Anubyus was a normal knight until he turned evil because he could not enter the pure form of light. So he used magic to get rid of all emotions except anger and hatred thus inducing a permanent pure evil form known then as keard dragone meaning dark dragon he then changed his name and created the Darkus this crystal would erase the emotions and replace them with hatred for light and all those who use it.”

“Ok that explains how they turn evil but why do their body’s change?” questioned Jack inquisitively.

“And how come we remove the Darkus and they return to normal?” asked Kiaya

“Ah good questions. well the Darkus are coated in a venom that melts the skin and re writes the genetic sequence and it then releases the magic in the Darkus the body rejects it and stores it as the orb you pulled out unfortunately the poison and magic have took effect all ready and transforms them. Now for Kiaya’s question the transformation reverse’s because the toxin has a weakness.”

“Ok I give up what’s this weakness?” enquired Ryan sarcastically

“The five elements. The air is full of electricity and moisture not to mention dust and instead of fire a heat above16 degree. So they return to normal and since the stream of magic that suppress the emotions and controls there hate and mind it just gets destroyed”

“What about the whole turn to dust and then to human thing?” Shelby asked cautiously

“Well the genetic sequence changes back and rewrites it so there’s a slight molecular distillation while every molecule is changed.”

“There’s one thing I don’t get and that’s why Anubyus changed the molecular arrangement any way I mean if he wanted an army at least have a human army” commented Ryan

“My guess is that the transformation was not anticipated and only happened because the venom was originally only supposed to burn the skin to get a clear path way to the mind”

“That covers everything.” Jack said heading for the door

“Where are you going jack?” retorted Andrew

“I got some shopping to do.” and with that he was gone.

The End

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