dragon knights: the legacy begins

a ancient threat is rising in the world of drasonay and only the five can stop it.

jack is like any other boy until he turns 16 and unleashes his powers from his emerald. now he must become the lord of air with his freinds and save drasonay from the darknes



Chapter one: a strange beginning

 The monster lunged at the winged emerald knight and cut the armour leaving a trail of blood! Jack woke up screaming remembering the nightmare and wondering who the knight was what was that creature and why were they in his dream. Our story starts three hours ago on his sixteenth birthday. The day a normal knight gains his powers

“Wow a watch” Jack said excitedly “with an emerald face cool”

‘Uh oh its 11:30’ Alan (jacks dad whose bald) said wearily ‘you best get to bed’. During the night he had the dream of the emerald knight. He pushed his mop of brown and sandy blond hair out of his eyes feeling the cold sweat that covered his body

 The next day jack woke up and put on the watch. Suddenly a dragon burst out encircled him and jumped into the watch

‘what the hell’ cried Jack, when he went to the mirror the winged emerald knight was staring back at him when suddenly something fell off the shelf above him and hit him on the head when he woke up the armour had gone but the watch was acting funny


At school the next day a new subject was being taught.

‘Now now class!’ yelled Mr Draconian a tall man whose hair was dark and just starting to fade he wore old clothing “I have to teach you the language of the dragon for history.” Cool thought Jack no more Egyptians.

“Repeat after me aquaria.”

The class repeated it and there was water streaming out of the watch making an orb of water building above the class but there were four more streams leading to the orb. There was a flash and the orb splashed over everyone then the bell rang everyone left except Jack and four other kids.

“Oh my god my watch did that” said Jack shocked.

“Your watch my belt” said a light haired kid with tanned skin and thin lips wearing a sapphire belt angrily.

“You mean my necklace.” said a blonde haired girl with lush lips and plenty of freckles and a ruby necklace sounding mad.

“Liars you mean my bracelet.” said a girl with blonde hair milky skin and a yellow topaz bracelet with a harsh tone in her voice.

“Ahem you mean my ring.” interrupted a dark haired boy with dark eyes wearing an amethyst ring.

“It was all of you” said Draconian. “The things you mentioned were dragon crystals they activate when you touch them or say something in dragon.”

“So your saying these crystals are magic” said jack sarcastically.

“Kind of………”

“Hold up your kidding right.”

“No I’m not.”

“So what you going to do?” asked jack sarcastically. “Send us to a school for dragons.”

“That’s precisely what I want to do.”  Draconian answered. “During and after summer you will all be attending Drasonay the hidden town, school and world. Till then you shall learn what I can teach you.”

On the last day jack and the team were doing teamwork exercises

“First you must learn teamwork and each other’s names.” Draconian said sternly.” Ladies first.”

“My name is Shelby flamora” Said the girl with the necklace

“My name is Kiaya Strizone.” Said the other girl

“My name is Andrew Aquaria.” The boy with the belt

“My name is Ryan Rokeo.” The boy with the ring

“My name is Jack Tornaous.” Our main character of course they were in a deserted part of town standing in an empty field except for a set of goalposts

“Ok now were here every one repeat after me waopanea.” Draconian yelled

“Waopanea” they chanted suddenly a dragon appeared in jacks hand a blade burst out of its mouth a whip had appeared in Shelby’s hand Andrew got a huge canon that spat out a torrent of water when he pulled a trigger Ryan got a hammer and Kiaya got a grappling hook

“Cool weapons.” Jack giggled

“Your challenge is to protect me from these” yelled Draconian as a wind blew and six hideous spinney blood red creatures rose from the ground “BEGIN!” the creatures lurched at draconian but Ryan blocked it and jack slashed they dodged it and let out a ear splitting scream Shelby’s whip set on fire and hit a creature to turn it to dust the others stared at their fallen comrade jack seized the moment and slashed three monsters became dust

“Two left” said jack as a blast of water blew past him

“One left” corrected Andrew they looked around and found Draconian being attacked by the creature with Kiaya and Ryan lying still on the grass the creature became dust

“You failed.”  Draconian whispered as he was winded “you must learn more teamwork and language.”

“Like Emonta maxiti blistorum” yelled Andrew suddenly an icy explosion swept across them and they all got sent flying jack cursed

“That is something that I should teach you” wheezed Draconian

“I’ll try.” Jack cracked his knuckles “emon…

“Wait” interrupted draconian “try maxiti waopanea”

“Maxiti waopanea” jack repeated he felt energy burst out of him and take form as a sword in his hand he felt drained but powerful he concentrated on the sword and it light up an eerie green glow

“Shelby and Kiaya you try emonta morphone” coughed draconian as he dodged a slash from jack

“Emonta morphone” they repeated in unison they lit up and Shelby set alight and Kiaya moved like lightning and became lightning.

“How do we change back” they asked.

“Reveria.” Answered draconian

“Reveria” they chanted in a flash they returned to normal

“What about me?” asked Ryan?

“You try emonta controe” answered Draconian

“Emonta controe” he repeated nothing happened “what.”

“I understand you do karate.” Said draconian


“Try a kick” he did there was a surging wave of mud and rocks

“Cool” he let out a surge of attacks

“Were late guys copy me” he held his hand up pointed at the goal posts and yelled “opone dorga.” They copied him and the posts lit up draconian walked through and disappeared

“Ladies first” stammered jack

“All together” Shelby said sounding scared they walked through together jack stayed back he heard something and listened again nothing he followed the team through the portal They walked into a large courtyard with many shops a small fountain shaped like a dragon there was a shop called amoore sabrone ame shielt Draconian noticed Jack staring at the swords and armour in the store window

“You will need some shards for that” laughed Draconian pointing to the window

“Shard’s?” asked Jack

“The currency.” Answered Draconian

“Oh. Still no clue”

“I’ll take you to the bank after school”

“K” they walked through another portal to see a grand building like a large mansion standing in front of them

“WOHOHO!” yelled Andrew excitedly they went inside to see a hall with a reception desk and a line of swords above the desk there was an old woman at the desk Draconian walked to the woman

“yes” she said in a crinkly tone” may I help you yes”

“I’m here to enrol a team” he said loudly

“Yes ok. I’m not death!” she responded “Name?”

“Undecided” he answered

“Team positions?” she asked

“Undecided” he answered

“Would you like to decide now?”

“Ummmm yeah”

“Ok it works like this go through there and you will face challenges the best knight becomes the leader then the leader decides the name of the team”

“Shelby you first” said Draconian she gulped and walked through the portal she was in a dark room red eyes stared at her she lit her whip and saw the creatures face green skin with blue spines running from the nose it snorted and Shelby was sent flying she landed to wrap its leg and burn it the creature fell she wrapped it up then took a spine then stabbed the creature it screamed she looked around the creature had summoned its friends

“Oh crap” she whispered to herself she dodged a spine that had been shot at her she was hit then sucked into the light of the hall

“My turn I guess” said Ryan he walked through the portal the creature stared at Ryan he stood perfectly still

“Waopanea” he whispered his hammer had appeared startling the creature it shook its head to see a surge of rock mud hit it in the eyes then Ryan attacking the nose he then made it scream its friends rose up and lunged at him the hammer burst and he was sucked into the light of the reception. He cursed

“My turn” said Andrew as he walked through the portal the beast was staring at him

“waopanea” he yelled summoning his blaster he shot it with a great force “emonta maxiti blistorum” the creature had summoned its friends they were sent flying but he used to much energy then fainted he woke up in the reception

“What happened” asked Kiaya

“He used to much energy” answered Draconian

“I don’t want to lead the team.” Said Kiaya

“Your choice” said Draconian

“my turn” gulped Jack he entered the portal the beast was staring at him and on pure instinct he hit his watch and became the knight he then thought maxiti waopanea the sword burst out he slashed the beast its friends arrived he then realised he was flying he then span a tornado formed around him the beasts were sucked up and disappeared the portal opened he stopped spinning and came out the others were staring at the knight that emerged

“How do I change back?” Jack asked

“Reveria (Jack repeated) Congrats Jack.” Said draconian surprised “you’re the leader!”


“Yes you. You entered Knight Mode and maintained it while using maxiti waopanea”


“So it took me a year to do that”

“I done it on instinct”

“You’re kidding.” Said draconian sarcastically “instinct my blooming arse where did you learn that?”

“When I put on my watch this morning”

“Class starts in fifteen minutes” the old woman said “chose a name now Jack”

“Ummm………. What are soldiers in dragon?”


“How about emonta Zoldior’z”


“Here are your communicator and planner orbs”

“Orbs?” asked Kiaya

“Yeah they upgrade your focusers.” answered Draconian

“How do you install them?”

“Just press them against that dot on the underneath of your focusers” they took of their stuff to see a small dot the orbs were sucked into the items and weird symbols appeared on the crystals

“Twist the crystal so that the weird P is in line with the A” instructed Draconian Jack followed the instructions a map along with a time table had appeared on the watch surface

“Now the C to the A.” nothing happened “speak into it”


“Wait jack go next door” he did a voice came out of the others crystals

“Yello” the voice said

“Yes” responded Ryan

“Hi” responded the voice “it’s me jack”

“Come back Jack” the old woman said “class now gym”



The team burst through the doors just as a shining white dragon landed in the centre of the gym the dragon flashed and in its place was a tall man with hair as white as the dragon with sweat stains on his bright blue jacket

“Now class.” The man said the class was hectic he put a diamond ring to his mouth

“NOW CLASS MY NAME IS MR RELIk” his voice boomed the kids stood there shocked

“Now leaders step forward” Jack and several other kids stepped forward” team name and people in it. You” he pointed at Jack

“Name Emonta Zoldior’z.” Jack yelled formally “team of five Andrew, Kiaya, Shelby, Ryan and Jack the leader”

“Team Blastermax” a dark haired boy wearing an emerald green t-shirt and jeans yawned sleepily “James Nathan Shane Rose and the leader Connor”

“Team time freeze” a pale brown haired boy wearing a blue jacket and jogging bottoms said nervously there were three other people dressed exactly like him “three members Daniel Callum and the leader Daniel”

There were other teams but jack wasn’t listening he had that feeling again stronger this time he searched the room and as he looked past team Blastermax a dark shadowy feeling swept across him

“Now who knows some language” asked Relik Connor and Jacks team put their hands up “good now who can go knight jack put his hand up and so did Connors entire team

“Let's see what you got jack” challenged Connor

“You’re on”

“Hang on you two you do know battle rules” asked Relik


“Well there’s no time like the present” chuckled Relik “only one rule. You need to break the opponents control not kill them.”

“Fine” they said together the gym turned into a battle field the other people walked away to a safety zone

“Ready” Relik yelled they nodded “Begin!” they both became knights

Connor was a dazzling ruby knight.

“Waopanea” Jacks sword appeared and Connor had a rocket launcher that shot out a explosion of fire jack became a tornado and blocked the blast he then tore Connors armour but the rest stayed he then flew up Connor sent up another blast and jack fell he managed to stand but he felt weak there was a gaping hole in his armour

“Dragone morphone” jack yelled a light shone on him he was a dragon when the light cleared he tackled Connor. Connors armour and weapon disintegrated he fell

“Reveria” roared Jack if it was Jack another flash and Jack was back to normal

“Oh yeah wipe out!” laughed Ryan

“Who taught you that” asked Relic as a girl in nurses clothing looked at Connors wounds

“A bloke called instinct” answered Jack

“Instinct instinct no way was that instinct” laughed Relik “who taught you how to do that”

“No one. Now drop it” flared Jack the gym returned to normal the bell rang

“Next class is Lang” said Andrew as he checked the time table

“North staircase” said Kiaya looking at the map carefully

“Let’s go” said Jack he walked towards the exit leaving the gym he walked down the corridor the others trailing behind him

“Jack I need to talk to you” yelled Relik as he ran after Jack. Jack stopped “yes Mr. Relik” asked Jack

 “We have a team for battling” answered Relik


“You want to join”

“I’ll think about it”

“Here take a transportation orb”

“What does it do?”

“Put it in” he equipped the orb “access the map”

He twisted his crystal to turn on the map there was a button on the map projection

“Press the gym then press the button” he did he was sucked into the gym “You best get to class”

“Sure. But can I have some of these for my team?”

“Ok” he gave him four other orbs Jack teleported to class to find his friends coming up the staircase

“How’d you get here before us?” panted Ryan it looked like he ran up

“Relik gave me a new orb” answered Jack

“Did you get some for us” asked Kiaya

“Yeah course” answered Jack “you didn’t think I’d leave you out. Did ya”

“Aw coogi” said Ryan

“Thanks jack.” said Kiaya and Shelby at the same time

“Ditto.” Laughed Andrew as they walked into the class room


In the classroom a familiar figure was behind the desk

“Draconian” laughed Jack sarcastically

“You can call me Sir Jack.”

“Ok Sir Jack.” said jack sarcastically the class laughed

“Oh no there is no cheek in this classroom.” yelled draconian over the noise “now settle down or its detention. Take your seat’s everyone” the class was silent. Jack Ryan and Andrew took seats at the back Kiaya Shelby and Rose a beautiful brunette with emerald green eyes sat in the row in front of them. Draconian pulled a text book from a drawer Jack had just noticed that Draconian had put on an opal studded ring “Cloneon (the one book became 35) fligent (the books soared around the room and one landed in front of each of them) Open to page five.” The class did as they were told on the page was a series of words in dragon and English

“Push in your crystals till you here a click today its theory” instructed draconian the class followed the instruction there were a lot of clicks “study the page and if you need help just ask"

The End

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