"No please, Sir, i can help you on your quest." the thing pleaded.

"Quest? What do you mean?" I replied.  I picked the creature up and examined him more. 

 His feet long and wide. His legs were always bent and his loin cloth barely reached his kneecaps. His body was always crouched but I could tell that he was extremly muscular. His face was like he'd been dropped from Nasim (a prison which towered over all other buildings in Evfera, were I live).

"I am Baelaza I can help you to save the one you love."

"What? I'm a farm boy, I have never made contact with a girl." I explained  "Who is this girl? And I'm going to call you Bal because your name is too long."

The creature touched my thigh. A flash of gold and everything was out of focus.

I was in a forest. Trees were twisting up into the sunlight and casting shadows with there huge leaves. A plataeu was to my left. Suddenly a thunder of hooves was ringing through my ears. A woman with waving golden hair and radient white robes was galloping towards me. She was being followed by creatures that looked just like Bal. I went to draw my sword but nothing was there just my sheath. No sword. The woman was now trying to fight of the creature but I couldn't move. She had her hands tied together and she was dragged away.

I opened my eyes Bal was gone and Therrid was lying in a pool of blood. I screamed with rage and grabbed my sword. Or at least were my sword should've been. I climbed down the ladder and walked out of the barn. I saw what looked like a black mirrorr shining in a pile of hay and grabbed it. My sword shon like the sun and its red blade was now blue and pulsing as though it just enjoyed killing.

That is good because that's what it will do from now on. 

The End

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