Dragon Heart

the story of a young boy who learns that life is not s simple as he thought.

   I stood up and looked around the crumbling barn I had slept in. To my right  a ladder leading up to a platform full of farming equipment. To my left a pile of hay in which I slept on and my dog, Therrid. To my front crumbling wood which formed the wall and the same behind me.

  I brushed of my burgundy shirt and fastened my belt. Therrid woke up as I was attatching my sheath. A few days ago I had acquired a sword but it wasn't an ordinary sword. The red blade stretched two feet. The handle was completely black and it shon like a black mirror.

I'd been on the run ever since.

Swiii. I whistle Therrid and he stands up. But as we're walking out of the barn door I hear a crack from up the ladder.

"Stay." I whisper as I'm drawing my sword.

I climbed up the ladder as quietly as I could. A small grey figure wearing a leather chestplate is lying on the floor. I rest the tip of my sword against his throat.


The creature had stirred.

The End

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