Yes, the stronghold had it's flaws but it was better than nothing. I walk to the mouth of the cave and gaze at the big lake that stands outside. I didn't know it then but soon, I would have to use my powers to hurt. I walk back in, and make the lunch. Then I hear it, a battle cry. I run to the mouth of the cave and see an army charging head on. I make fire balls and strike the first and second row dead. But there was still so many, I made a tidal wave and knocked down a bunch, and then some of them drowned. Then i made boulders fly and killed probably a hundred. There we're only a few left. I made the sky crackle with electricity and it striked them dead. I smiled. Then I remembered what I had just done. I fainted and didn't move. "Is she dead?" asked a voice. "NO SHE ISN'T SHE JUST DOESN'T LIKE KILLING" sais my faverouite voice. I opened my eyes and came face to face with Incendio. He hugged me then backed away shyly. I smiled and everyone cheered me. I could live with this...

The End

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