I must of stumbled into a bush. Because when I woke up it was green. My foot throbbed and when I touched it I knew it was broken. I was ready to scream in pain. When I heard big wing beats. A dragon! I crawl out of the bush, and see a black dragon with a rider. I crawl back in. That was the assassins dragon. But they had seen me. The dragon ripped the bush out of the ground. I curl into a ball and let my golden hair sheild me. The dragon breathed fire onto a tree and it went up in flames. Then i head a voice. "No Moka, leave her to me" sais the voice. Moka, that was a nice name. "But Raven, you can't she could get away" sais the dragon. That dragon was very lucky, and I thought of Carlos. I felt tears try to buble up, but I willed them to leave. Because I was a dragon rider I had powers. "Mas kata lamia nusi" I say in the language that comes to me so easily. I feel the orb surround me and feel it's power reverberating. The assassin must have seen it to, because he stopped just in time to not walk into it. It crackled with electricity. I smiled at him and stuck out my tongue. Then I saw it, he scowled. Like a normal person. I felt my orb faltar, but I put it up more strongly. It was draining my strengh and soon I would have to stop it. I grinded my teeth together, and pushed my self up. My foot screamed with pain but I ignored it. I started moving my foot draggin on the ground. The assassin's face contorted in horror. I looked down and saw why. My foot looked like a purple plum and it wasgrowing darker. But still I continued the assassin followed. We hit the stream and I put my foot in it. I sighed in releif. I was stronger now, I could hold my orb. I looked around for two sticks and came face to face with the assassin. He was just in the right spot for him to be able to be in my face, and behind him were two perfect sticks. I moved my orb and he jumped back. I moved it again. We did this until my orb was over the sticks and I had them in my hands. Atleast this time dragon attacks didn't equal fatal...

The End

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