Carlos sat down and almost squished Incendio. Incendio ran head long just in time. "WHO'S THIS?" asks Carlos. "Incendio" I say. Incedio practically faints. I roll my eyes at him and sit on the bed. "HE'S THE BOY WHO STOLE THE HUMAN QUEENS JEWELS" sais the dragon. "What!?! YOU NEVER TOLD ME!!!" I yell at Incendio. Ya, I was being harsh but what he did is major. He looks at me his eyes filled with fear. I hadn't noticed the flames surrounding my body. Their lazy flickering tongues, reaching out for him. "Sorry" I say and stop them with a few words. "HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE REVOLUTION? IF YOU HAVEN"T THERE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE STRONGHOLDS FOR DRAGONS AND HUMANS AND IN THIS CASE WIZARDS!" he sais oblivious to what had just happened. "Really? Incendio we can go to one of them...Carlos, would you like to come?" I ask. He nods his big head his eyes shining. We settle down for the night and sleep...

The End

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