Heavy breathing, I'm running from the kings assassin. I run into the forest, the green will camouflage me. I jump into a tree and slow my breathing. I have to get to Carlos. If I did he would be able to help me. The assassin looks into the tree, my heart stops. He shoots the tranquilizer. It hits me, I black out...



My heads throbbing.

I open my eye's and find myself in the back of a cart. I take a shaky step to the latch. It's bolted from the outside. I notive a small knife lying on the floor of it. I feel the wood of the cart and it's ready to fall apart. I stab the knife into the wood and make a small hole...


After maybe an hour I make a big enough hole for me. I then notice how fast it's going. I gulp and count to three. I jump out and land with a sickening thud on the ground. The cart twists around the bend and disapears. I lay on the ground for a long time. I take out the paper and right to Carlos. It sais:

Dear Carlos,

I am sorry of your loss. I cannot send letters anymore unless I will be abducted. Unless I will be killed by the kings assassins. Please inderstand why I have to say goodbye. I am so sorry about your dad Carlos, and I would do anything to go there. But I know you wouldn't want me risking my life.



Then I got up slowly and willed the wind to carry it to him...


The End

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