We started to walk again. It was getting dark and we needed shelter. We came to a cave and walked in. I willed to matresses and pillows and blankets and we slept very well...


In the morning I found myself face to face with the biggest dragon I'd ever seen. "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?" It's voice was so loud it woke up Incendio. "I guess, I guess, I can do magic" I said. "YAY! FINALLY I CAN HAVE A FRIEND!" he screams again. "Um...can you speak lower?" I ask. "NO I CAN'T THIS IS MY CURSE TO ALWAYS SPEAK LOUDLY." he sais. He flashes his teeth in what I supposed was a smile but it looked more menacing, than nice. Meanwhile Incendio is backing away from the dragon. "What's your name?" I ask the dragon. "MY NAME IS CARLOS" he sais in his loud voice. "Do you want me to try and fix your problem?" I ask. "THAT WOULD BE NICE" he sais. I try but I hit a wall. "It's like there's a brick wall in your mind that I can't penetrate" I say. He sighs and blows a bunch of leaves into the air. I notive a peive of paper and catch it in my hands. It was a letter in big scribbly writing it said:


Dear Carlos,

I am sorry of your loss, and I wish I could tell you nothing has happened to me. I cannot send letters aymore unless i will be abducted. Unless I will be killed by the kings assassin. Please understand why I have to say goodbye. I am so sorry about your dad Carlos, and I would do anything to go there. But I know you wouldn't want me risking my life.




The End

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