Step, step and another step. We've been walking for so long that I feel like my legs are going to fall of. "Can we stop?" I ask. "Whatever you want, lady" he sais. I scowl, and drop to the floor. I would kill for a matress. I sighed, and I turn on the ground. I want a matress! I scream at my mind. Suddenly something soft is under me. I look down and feel a matress under my fingers. I turn and see the boy looking at me. "What? You beleive in dragons don't you beleive in magic!" I say, but I feel very weird. I fall asleep and feel the ground under my fingers. "Did I really make a matress apear?" I ask. He nods and gets up. "Why are you so fricking quiet!" I yell at him. He shrugs and starts down the path. He takes three steps and this crazy mongrel thingy pounces on him. Ok let's see if I can use this magic. I think of fire and feel fire balls form on my hands. Now how do I launch them? I thrust my hand forward and they fly out and hit the creepy mongrel thingy in the head. It slumps to the ground. "Oh ya! I rock!" I yell. "Now tell me what your name is" I say to him. He looks down and when I think he's not going to answer he sais. "Incendio" "Nice name, I'm Miranda" I say.

The End

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