I did trust the dragon so I followed. I was surrounded by big lights and lots of chatter. I found myself in a big palace. Sitting in the middle was a boy. Probably my age, it looked like he was very poor. He was looking up at the big dragon on a throne. "I promise you I didn't steal anything" sais the boy. I follow the dragon to where the boy is. The big dragons head whips around and faces us. "Who is this?" the dragon asks. "It is a girl who wants a new life" sais the dragon who I now perceice as my friend. "Boy, I will drop all charges if you acompany this girl o her journey" sais the dragon. The boy nods and gets up and walks over to me. He kept glancing at the dragon from behind me. The dragon led us out into a garden. Then he spoke. "Go into that forest and try not to die" with that he left.

The End

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