Dragon Candles

This is a story about a witch, Jetta, and her dwarf assistant, Socorro. Together they preform the Dragon Candles spell to make three beautiful black dragons named Acacia, Isi, and Alastrina. But, there is another set of candles buried deep in the forest, and who knows who will find them...

Chapter One

    Jetta stirred the heavy liquid in her cauldron murmuring, “Segades minu lapsed, ümmargune panga. Mida annab mulle ei saa osta. A küünal, must nagu öö, nii et see sealt ja Dragons tulevad allapoole, must Dragons valmistatud küünla vaha veres,” in her raspy voice. She said the strange words three times, while her apprentice, Socorro, watched on nervously.

    After repeating the spell for the third time, Jetta turned to Socorro. He was standing next to a box, open and showing the purple candles inside. She looked at them disdainfully. She had no need for such candles, as long as her new, black ones turned out.

    The cauldron started to bubble over. Jetta ran to it. She took out the long, birch bark twig she used for a wand and emptied the water in the cauldron.  

                 “ Socorro, bring me the box!” she shrieked. She could see the black candles, to hot to touch, for if she did, they would freeze her fingers. Opposites, that’s how the magical world works.

    Socorro hobbled over to the other end of the room on his stumpy legs. A dwarf could be the perfect Witch’s helper, mindless as they are, but they are much to slow to go anywhere or fetch something in a timely manner. Jetta muttered to herself and the box flew over to her right as Socorro was reaching for it.

    She used her magic to move the candles from the cauldron into the box. The box could hold ten candles about six inches tall. She fit them in, and then turned to the last candle in the cauldron.

    It was three times bigger then the rest of them. It was cool enough that she could touch it now, so she took it out. She laid it on her workroom table. Socorro ran to the bookshelf and grabbed a book. It had no title and was a forest green. She turned to a page with a picture of a candle and a Dragon. The name of the spell on it was Dragon Küünal, Dragon Candle. She repeated the spell over the candle. As it cooled, it melted. She poured the dark, smooth liquid into three separate containers and walked outside her underground home.

    Jetta would have preferred an abandoned castle or a fortress in the mountains, but, stuck with Socorro as an apprentice, she must live underground. It was roomy and cozy enough, but not nearly as sinister as she would have liked. After all, it was the deers’ favorite breeding grounds.

    She found a tree tall as anything, and poured one of the bottles of melted candle over it. It melted and rose up in a new form. A great black Dragon with ruby red eyes stood where the tree had been.

    “Acacia,” Jetta said. “My child.”

    The Dragon, now christened Acacia, looked at her and said in a voice that was sweet like honey, “Mother?”

    “Yes, my daughter. I am your mother.”

    “Where are my sisters?”

    “They’re coming, my sweet.”

    Jetta caught a deer while Acacia watched. Then she poured the second bottle over it, and it melted and reformed into a smaller, but otherwise identical to Acacia, Dragon.

    “Isi,” Jetta said. “My child.”

    “Mother? Sister?”

    “Yes, we are you’re sister and mother,” Jetta replied.

    Acacia said, “Where is our last sister?”

    “Would you like to help us with this?”

    “Oh yes, Mother!” Acacia said, giddily. “Do I get to try out my wings?”

    “Yes, you do, my love.” Acacia flew into the air and came back moments later with a lifeless human in her mouth.

    “Good! Good, my child. Perfect.” Jetta poured the bottle over the human who turned into a smaller version of Isi.

    “Mama?” the young Dragon said. “You do not look like me.”

    “I am your mama, Alastrina.”

    “Alastrina? Do you think it fits me, Mama?”

    “Of course it does, my baby.” Jetta said. She hugged her youngest daughter. Yes, the Dragons were her daughters. She hadn’t known she could feel compassion, but now she knew she could. These mighty Dragons were strong, but they were only babies. Not even a day old.  “Now, my children. You were made from candles, and candles you will become. Each candle lasts a year, and there are ten of them. When the last candle burns out, you shall die, but no need to worry about that. Come, I made you to help me, but now I know that I will also care for you. Come inside, and I shall feed you your first meal.”

    When Jetta walked in with the Dragons looking after her lovingly, Socorro sat in a corner and glowered. He had tried to be lovable and caring, and she had never paid attention. But now she had these Dragons, and she was a completely different person! Jetta set one of the smaller candles onto her table and it lit instantly, starting the Dragons life.

    Suddenly, Jetta noticed him. “You,’ she said harshly, the caring gone from her face. “Take the spell of the Dragon Candles and those old candles,” she said pointing toward the box of purple candles, “and put them in the deepest part of the Forest. Don’t forget to put a bitter apple in. Anyone who goes near the box will be poisoned once they see that fruit and take a bite.”

    Socorro grabbed the box, muttering to himself, but when he got to the Forest, he grew happy. It took him two days to reach the spot his mistress had told him to go to, and two days to get back out.

    When he came home, he realized that his bedroom was now filled with chew toys and food and that all of his things were in front of the fire.

    “Socorro,” Jetta said disappointedly when she saw him. “You’re back.”

    Socorro grunted and pointed to his things.

    “Oh, those. Well, Acacia, Isi, and Alastrina needed to move into your room, in front of the fire was too small for all of them and I couldn’t bear for them to be outside. So now you’ll be sleeping in front of the fire, nice and warm.”

    Socorro could tell that Jetta was trying to break the news to him easily, but he was still offended. He stormed out of the house.

    Jetta sighed. She knew he would be back later, since he knew who fed him.

The End

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