The Information of the Elder Dragon (Introduction)Mature

The hermit sat there upon the tree stump and observed the magnificent orbs that lay in his hands, by then, the horrid heat they had been producing before had faded away. In his hands were the testicles of an Elder Dragon, the noblest and strongest creatures in the whole of the land. An Elder Dragon could live for well over a million years, their breathe was hot enough to melt rock and their eyes were bright yellow, like the evening sun on a cloudy, winters dusk. To kill an Elder Dragon was almost impossible, it's hide was a highly sought after material, practically impregnable, it is used to build shields for warriors of high statutes. The most precious part of the Elder Dragon was it's testicles, because inside the orbs was an amber sap-like substance that was described as the 'most delicious thing in existence' by Princess Maris Pethwater, a deceased princess who refused her role as monarch to live amongst nature. Many tales have been made up about her death - but the truth is she was beheaded by a savage barbarian tribe in the Goblin Woods for beastiality.

The hermit placed the testicles in a hemp sack and tied it up tightly; he saw a glow amongst the Oak Tree Patch to his left. The Knight of the Elders, Harold Tox, and his horde of fearless warriors were riding from the western citadel of Algondra; gearless due to their brutality on the battlefield. As they advanced forward, the hermit braced himself and armed himself with a ladel and prepared for a brutal onsalught.

The End

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