Dragon Ball Z : The Aftermath

Just a fan fiction set after The Buu Saga.

Majin Buu had been defeated and the world had moved on, the biggest event on Earth was The World Martial Art's Tournament. Anyone who was anyone would enter this tournament, he had been brought back to life after Buu had been defeated. He was one of The Saiyans that thought he could defeat such a monster. Buu wasn't just a monster, he was a demon and damn near immortal. He had been laying on the grass, it was very comfortable and he was watching the clouds on the sky float. He should be training, those thoughts had entered his mind. He wanted to do something else today, for once he wanted to be care-free and he was for a moment or two.

Thoughts of his mother and father lingered in his mind, he had never knew them and kinda wondered what they'd be like. He sighed and pushed himself up off of the ground, he looked up towards the sky. His eyes were fixed on the azura colored sky, it was such a beautiful day. Days like this didn't come often and he didn't want to be the type of person who kept himself training all the time, he quested for strength though. That was the only thing that kept him from not training or trying to push himself beyond his own limits. He needed this strength, he needed to be able to protect the people that mattered the most to him.

He didn't want to be the type of person that could be considered weak, he hated being considered weak. He knew he wasn't weak, just was not strong as he wanted to be. He closed his eyes and another sigh escaped from him. Wait a minute, he thought he felt something. It was a strange feeling, was there somebody out there with him? He thought he was alone. He just wanted to spin around and ask if there was anybody there, he knew there wasn't. Could his mind be playing tricks on him? No one came out this way much, his onyx colored orbs scanned the area.

Hello?” He called out, his voice was very gruff. To anyone else it might sound a bit harsh and intimidating. He wasn't that harsh or intimidating. He just wanted to know if there was anybody out there, it didn't feel like he was alone at all.

Sydni had followed her love discretely, there was something off about Cro today. She watched him from a distance and hid behind of a tree, she knew he could sense her chi. She had a trick up her sleeve, she was going to mask her chi to trick him into thinking she was just some random earthling. She grinned evily as she masked her chi, she wanted to see what Cro was going to do if anything. Their relationship had been getting strange lately, it seemed like Cro's mind had been somewhere else. Could he just be thinking about his past? Didn't he know he was loved? Whenever she brought up the topic of his past, he would always clam up. He was such a stubborn man!

Hmph, she crossed her arms over her chest. Either he was always this stubborn or Vegeta had got inside of Cro's head, truth be told she thought Cro had been becoming a lot more like Vegeta and of course she never brought that up. She was a lot like her father, Son Goku. Vegeta and Cro reffered to Goku by his Saiyan name : Kakarott all the time. She always wanted to protect the people she loved, that included him but he was such a stubborn man. He wouldn't accept her protecting him, she was going to have to beat the stubborness right out of him!

The way the day felt was strange, like there was something looming in the very distant future, something that couldn't be stopped. A new enemy? Or was something just going to happen that was going to change life as they knew it? Sydni's violet colored eyes watched Cro. She noticed when Cro didn't hear an answer, he turned away and went back to what he was doing. What was that man going to do? Sydni's tail twitched behind of her out of curiousity. The way Cro had been, it had her worried and she didn't him to get over obsessed with training and gaining power. There was one Vegeta, the world did not need two!

What am I going to do with him?” Sydni asked her self, “Huh, what's that?” Sydni asked, she had sensed a chi nearby and it wasn't anyone she had felt before. The chi felt new and powerful.


Such an interesting planet, wouldn't you say?” Lord Chiller asked.

Yes, My Lord!” The Henchman replied. “Remind me why we are here again.” The Henchman added.

You bumbling oof! We are here to get revenge of those puny Saiyans that had killed my Uncle!” Lord Chiller replied irriated.

The beings name was Lord Chiller, a blood relative to Freiza. The changeling that had been killed by Kakarot, people of Earth knew him as Son Goku. Lord Chiller was a light blueish white color with light purple eyes. He stood about 5 feet and two inches tall. Not a very tall being, but a very powerful being. A smirk came over Chiller's face. His tail swished behind of him as he stood infront of his circular space-ship. Unlike Freiza, Chiller did not need a scouter to read power-levels he had developed that ability on another conquest for Planet Xeran. It was such a lovely planet, too bad the beings on that planet were not smart enough to leave when asked to.

Do you feel that?” The Henchman asked.

Yes, rather strong energies nearby, they'd be good practice.” Chiller said, he smirked and put a finger up to his lips and licked it. “Fresh blood, that will taste delicious!” Chiller exclaimed, he laughed evily.


No one knew about the coming storm, not even the earth's mightiest warriors, to them it was just another day. A day to relax, a day to train to become stronger. Capsule Corp was where the Briefs lived, they were like the royalty of West City. Vegeta, Bulma, Bulla and Trunks. That was the briefs family as it stood. Vegeta was the prideful Saiyan, and Bulma was an inventor. It was a match made in hell, the way they had got together was a bit unorthodox. Bulla was at the mall with her bestfriend Son Goten, Bulma was off shopping as well and Vegeta and Trunks were training in The Gravity Chamber. At this time their was no one around to defend against such a fiend, what was going to happen?

The End

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